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Sunday-Monday links

  • Today in history: Pat Tillman died for his country’s propaganda machine.
  • Today in history, part II: The fedgov kindly rescued little Elian Gonzalez to return him to Cuba. Photo of the heartwarming moment below.
  • It’s also Earth Day. So marvel at the accuracy of 18 dire predictions made for the original ED. That is, you can marvel if you’re one of the lucky survivors who haven’t starved to death, died in the food riots, or succumbed to toxic waste in your food, air, or soil.
  • What hospitals can teach the police about de-escalating potentially violent situations.
  • OTOH, some cops simply find murder much, much more to their liking. Never, ever call the cops for a “welfare check” on an emotionally distressed person! (Not unless you think he needs to die.)
  • Or they’re so convinced a teenager’s dying moments are a prank that they don’t bother to step out of their cruiser to investigate.
  • The SPLC, under fire, quietly removes its McCarthyesque list of “anti-Muslim” activists. D’you think part of the reason might be that the list contained the names of several reputable Muslim reformers?
  • The real question isn’t whether that tenured prof in Fresno can be fired for speaking her mind. The question is how on earth did such a foul, vulgar, stupid cow get the job in the first place?
  • “The boy who came back from heaven” says he never left Ohio. Now he’d like some of the millions his father’s fraudulent book earned. He needs money for ongoing medical problems caused by dad’s reckless driving. (Here’s his lawsuit.)
  • No FYI on my part. Just a reminder that if you want to “show your Freedom Outlaw colors” on a badge, cap, shirt, mug, pin, magnet, etc., Mac the Knife has a charming Zazzle store for all you Ghosts, Agitators, and Moles.

Now, to warm the cockles of your little heart, here’s Elian being tenderly saved from life in the USA:


  1. Mark Call
    Mark Call April 23, 2018 6:38 am

    The irony jes plain drips…

    Janet Reno did SOOO much for the children. Last week we celebrated the quarter century anniversary of her rescuing so many from a church by gassing them for hours, lying about using about 400 chemical weapon cartridges (the FBI took years to come clean on that one) to accelerate the fire and release cyanide for the kiddies, and protecting the rest by freeing them from a reinforced underground tornado shelter by executing them with a satchel charge.

    Elian may have got off easy.

    And can you just IMAGINE if Trump (or do-nuthin’ Sessions) had THAT done to a Dreamer!

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