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Tuesday links

  • Reuters notices the rise of the “gundamentalists” within the NRA.
  • Oopsie, sez the EPA, maybe adding ethanol to gasoline wasn’t so smart after all. (Now I just wish they’d notice what those fedfools did to gas cans.)
  • The sudden spate of bans on Alex Jones isn’t about Jones or even about “fake news,” but about BigTech extending its control over us all.
  • The New York legislature passes a bill ordering all businesses in the state to provide three months paid leave if a close relative (even a grandparent) dies. Awaiting Cuomo’s signature now; he hasn’t said whether he’ll drain away the last of the state’s small business blood.
  • Turns out the Parkland shooter was crying out for all the help he could get — but the school ignored or denied him.
  • Meanwhile, the Parkland publicity Hogg is out protesting guns with his standard squad of armed bodyguards again.
  • Lawrence W. Reed at FEE: Who was the worst Roman emperor?
  • And on a related topic The Economist contemplates drought and the assassination of Roman emperors. (Yes, it’s a climate change article, but an interesting perspective.)
  • The Hollywood city council v*tes to remove Trump’s star from the Walk of Fame. Which doesn’t mean that will happen; Cosby is still there. But boy, how many of those stars would disappear if they were rewarded or withdrawn based on personal behavior?
  • Very science-y and a heavy read, but geophysicists are beginning to guess where the next big Cascadia quake will originate.
  • Why (and how) cats purr. It’s not just about happiness. (H/T Shel)


  1. Comrade X
    Comrade X August 7, 2018 1:50 pm

    I would call those of us who have strived to make the NRA a righteous organization from the inside “true believers” instead of ‘gundamentalists’, however “shallnotbeinfringednista” has a ring to it too.

  2. Jim Brook
    Jim Brook August 7, 2018 2:39 pm

    A local radio host had an interesting idea about the Trump star in Hollywood. What if he ordered it removed? If he put forth an official sounding, blustery, dictatorial order, would they then feel obliged to defy the order?

    I wonder how many John Galts live in New York?

  3. QJay
    QJay August 7, 2018 7:38 pm

    Hey Claire, this is a bit of a thought concerning a post awhile back. I’d like to see the book “Things We’ve Lost”… Where you take the Freedom Outlaw’s Handbook and start listing out what is gone and why it is important. I know you said it was very hard to consider continuing on with TFOH, but would this kind of “Wake up and smell the napalm” project be something you could get behind?

    Thanks for your thoughts, and everything you do.

  4. […] So will this law, which was supposed to save the environment, but turns out that it is hurting the environment, be repealed? Of course not. That would be painted as being anti-environment. Besides, those “advanced biofuels” will be here in the blink of an eye, and we’ll all be driving electric vehicles anyway. (And the corn-growers love the fact that the price is higher.) Hat Tip to Legal Insurrection and also to Tuesday Links from Clair Wolfe. […]

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