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A market day

Sorry again for lite blogging. If it’s not days of house-project work, it’s a day of very busy “rest.”

Today Furrydoc and I traveled out of town for an afternoon at farmers markets, bulk-food stores, and veggie vendors. It doesn’t make for the most compelling blogging, but it does make for a pleasant interlude.

The best of it was a little coffee house where we had an unusual lunch. We each ordered a grilled chicken-apricot sandwich. Yes, chicken-apricot. Which I already knew to be a great combo. But on a sandwich? Better, that wasn’t the only surprising combination between those slabs of crispy bread.

The sandwiches also included fresh basil, provolone cheese, and paper-thin slices of raw purple onion. Sounds weird; tasted glorious. A pleasant revelation in every bite.

To go with them we had big cups of Earl Grey tea with lavender, vanilla, and frothy steamed milk. Mmmmm. Perfect for a rainy day — which this was. Between where we parked and the coffee house we had to shelter in the doorway of a bike shop as the cold drops pelted down. (So much for our latest mini-summer.)

Tomorrow, if summer returns, I’ll finish laying the block for that patio. And then, I suspect, it’s back to more frequent and more meaty blogging for a while.

But today I can say no aching back for me.

And even though days like this don’t make exciting blogitude, I hope you all get to enjoy whatever your equivalent of these simple pleasures might be.


In the photo: Wild rice blend, organic French green lentils, red lentils, raw almonds, local blueberries, and one of the four varieties of paprika the bulk food store had to choose from.


  1. James
    James August 11, 2018 8:30 pm

    Claire, I’ll take your word for it that a sandwich made out of chicken and apricots is a good thing. As I so often say to my wife, “Better you than me.” (She also likes things of that sort.)

    I do wish I lived nearby. If I did, you’d only need to supervise that block-laying. And supervision has to be easier on the back.

  2. Claire
    Claire August 12, 2018 6:28 am

    “you’d only need to supervise that block-laying. And supervision has to be easier on the back”

    Ah, James. My back already feels better just from your offer.

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