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Two for MamaLiberty (one for the future)

1. An invitation to attend the scattering of Susan’s ashes

Daniel Wiener, brother-in-law of Susan Callaway (the late MamaLiberty), posted this in comments:

Sandi Wiener (Susan’s sister) and I will be in Newcastle [Wyoming] at the end of September (the 25th through the 27th), and during that time we’ll be spreading Susan’s ashes (probably on Wednesday, Sept. 26th). Susan was not much for ceremonies, and we won’t be having any big memorial service or anything. But if any of her friends would like to join us when we spread her ashes, let us know. (Email sandi-at-oldcrone-dot-com.)

2. Help Susan’s friend Jeremy become a doctor

When Susan was dying, she turned to a pair of very young friends from Montana. Jeremy Aal and his partner took in her beloved corgi, Laddie. When it became apparent Laddie wanted to be an only dog, they drove all the way to the desert Southwest to deliver him to Joel — asking nothing but fuel for their truck, which the readers of this blog and members of Claire’s Cabal more than provided. The extra all went to Joel for Laddie’s care.

They could have placed an adorable corgi in hundreds of potential homes nearer by. But they wanted to keep Laddie “in the network” of MamaLiberty’s freedomista friends.

That’s the kind of people they are.

Now Jeremy (already an EMT and CNA) aims to go to medical school to become a “town doctor” for his rural county — house calls and all.

He’s got four med school interviews scheduled (one already completed) and has set up a GoFundMe to help with transportation costs to the schools. Read what he has to say and how well he’s thought this out. I think you’ll like him and his plans.

Of course, interviews are only a beginning and they’re a pittance compared to what med school would cost. But he’s thought that out, too.

If you’re in a position to help kickstart Jeremy’s plan, he (and I and eventually the citizens of Granite County, MT) will be very grateful.

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  1. Joel
    Joel September 16, 2018 11:13 am

    I got to spend a couple of days with Jeremy last month. I like him, he strikes me as the real thing.

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