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Month: November 2018

Dispatches from Tijuana

An American friend has been in Tijuana and is scheduled to return home after this week. In the last few days we’ve exchanged messages about the Honduran migrants who’ve begun arriving there so dramatically to claim asylum in the U.S. What follows is his three-part report from the scene — or rather, just off the scene. Tijuana is a large city, over 1.5 million people, and what’s happening varies depending on where you are and whom you’re talking with. I’ve changed identifying details for privacy, but not changed anything relating to the caravan. And I bolded a few passages of…


Tuesday links

  • Before Uber put on the street a car that couldn’t brake in an emergency, the unit responsible, you will not be surprised to learn, was highly dysfunctional.
  • Turns out it’s actually possible to ask stupid questions. Bear Bussjaeger says the mayor of Toledo, OH, has succeeded.
  • LOL! It had to happen. The Vagina Monologues — so edgy just a few years ago — won’t be playing at Eastern Michigan University. Because all those new women-with-penises would be offended. (H/T MtK) 5 Comments
  • Monday links

  • Limited time only: Get your entire genome sequenced for $200. Today and tomorrow — and only for the first 1,000 to apply. This is not the same as a 23andMe screening. This is the whole enchilada. Billions and billions …
  • In that wonderful, sensible land of the UK, dogs have been accused of hate crimes — along with opened envelopes, disputed tennis calls, and a man supporting Brexit. (H/T MtK)
  • “Greater financial discipline” is needed, says deputy secretary of defense after the Pentagon fails its first-ever audit. From $600 toilet seats to $1,300 coffee cups and you’re just figuring that out? Let’s all shout a joint “I told you so!” as nothing improves. 5 Comments
  • Jonestown, 40 years after

    Today is the 40th anniversary of the Jonestown murder-suicides. This horror will always be relevant because it’s such an extreme version of such a normal, acceptable thing — following a charismatic leader straight into hell. It’s also relevant because of the role Jim Jones, a socialist and a power broker, played in changing San Francisco politics in the years just before the move to Guyana. Records have conveniently been “lost” that would fully reveal the corrupting role of Jones and The People’s Temple in making SF the left-wing factionalist place it became. But nobody can “lose” the words and pictures…


    One more election result: Colossal dog rescue coming up

    I didn’t hear pundits mentioning it on election night, but Florida v*ters approved an amendment to end greyhound racing in their state as of 2020. Dog racing is a dying sport, anyhow. But Florida’s new law may finish it off; there are only a few tracks left in the country and with Florida out of the game, the critical mass to sustain breeding and racing programs may no longer be there. To that, dog lovers mostly say, “Good riddance.” But passage of the law creates a problem: In the next two years, some 15,000 racing greyhounds will need foster and…


    Weekend links

  • Job opportunity! The federal government is hiring professional joint rollers. As in blunts, doobies, pre-roll, and reefer. (Really. Although the job does entail a bit more than that.)
  • SAF and the NRA, who haven’t been fond of each other recently, have teamed up to bring suit against I-1639, Washington state’s evil, stupid, illegal, and draconian new gun law. Many more suits will follow.
  • In Mexico, two innocent men are beaten and burned to death on the basis of an unfounded rumor spread on WhatsApp. 7 Comments
  • Thursday-Friday links

  • The perfect Christmas gift: a gun for every employee.
  • Are you a freelancer or a remote worker? Could you use an extra $10,000? Then Tulsa, Oklahoma, wants YOU. And they’re willing to bribe you to move there.
  • Whatever your views on immigrants, legal or otherwise, Motel 6 betrayed all its customers by turning guest registries over to ICE sans warrant or subpoena. It’s good to see them having to pay through the nose. 4 Comments
  • Everything you need — and many things nobody needs — eventually turns up at the thrift store

    I have no business being disgruntled or depressed. Here it is, November 15, and it’s still shirtsleeve weather. The sun is shining. The air is still. The critters and I are reasonably well. There’s really not a thing to complain of and quite a lot to be joyful about. But it’s been a discouraging few weeks, for reasons too petty to go into. If you got me started, I’d produce an embarrassing rant and I don’t want to do that. So early this afternoon I shut the computer, packed Ava into the car, and took her out for a latte…


    “Leaving it all on the field” for the people of Paradise

    Commentator Gerard Van der Leun is — was — a resident of Paradise, California. Now, burned out of his home along with another 30,000 people, he’s taken refuge in Chico. He writes beautifully about the individuals and businesses of the town “leaving it all on the field” for their bereft and desperate guests. A must read. There have been a lot of dramatic and moving reports out of Paradise. But nobody says it better. Van der Leun concludes: They all were leaving it all on the field everywhere in Chico. From Penny‚Äôs in the Mall to the Birkenstocks Store downtown…


    Midweek links

  • Good lord. A brave security guard stops a mass shooting. Police show up after he’s subdued the perp — and and shoot the hero dead. The details are even more appalling than the bare facts. There’s a GoFundMe for the young victim, a churchgoer and father of an infant.
  • Was Amazon’s long search for a second HQ a total scam? (Is anybody the teeniest bit surprised that they ended up choosing to locate in the nation’s two capitals of money and political power after running the tax-paid bids into large numbers of zeros?)
  • Did you know Congress created something called the United States Preventive Services Taskforce (that tries very hard to pretend it’s not a government tool)? Well, it wants each and every one of us to be screened for alcohol abuse when we visit our doctors. I guess if our government already considers us all criminals, we might as well be considered drug addicts, too. OTOH, treating us as actual free and responsible adults would be nice for a change. 18 Comments