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Month: April 2019

Friday Freedom Question: The first line of your autobiography

The question for today: You’re writing your autobiography. What’s the opening line or lines? Whether this is strictly a “freedom question” or not depends entirely on you. What sums you up? What introduces you to people who may have no idea who or what you are? Where and how are you rooted? What’s the biggest grabber of your life? (Or something like that.) The writer William Alexander Percy’s autobiography opens, “My country is the Mississippi Delta, the river country.” Given that Percy was the scion of the family that developed and for decades ruled the delta, and that his status…


Just another little check-in, plus George Potter and a few random links

Over the weekend, I had a dream about George Potter. For you who don’t know (and that includes most of the world), George Potter was the most sublime writer the modern freedomista world ever produced. Then, damn him, he up and dropped dead five years ago at the tragically young age of 41. Fortunately, Bill St Clair archived most of George’s available writings for posterity. You can also find his works at The Mental Militia Forums, the place where most of us first encountered him, back when TMM forums were still The Claire Files Forums. George was my brother from…