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We now pause for a brief commercial announcement

No, not a commercial announcement on my behalf; I have NFI in any of the following. I just think they’re all worthy causes and items you might be interested in.

1. Liberty Under Attack Publications, aka the very young men who are reviving Rayo’s old freedom strategy of VONU, now have more books online. In addition to books on the vonulife, they’ve got volumes on bitcoin investing, subversion, strategy, and sedition. Who could ask for more?

2. A brief reminder that friend-of-liberty Elias Alias has expanded his Silver Seeds of Liberty line. When he’s not agitating for freedom, Elias is a talented jewelry designer and metal crafter. With Silver Seeds, he’s combined both his talents in a line of sterling silver wearables that enable us to display (beautifully) our opinion about the War on Cannabis.

3. And finally, I just finished reading a new book, Poorman Living by Jeremy Aal*, and highly recommend it to anyone seeking to homestead happily on a strict budget. Jeremy and his partner Brandon moved into the mountains of western Montana a few years ago and did everything for themselves, from building a hybrid cabin (part shipping container, part log, part earthbag, part cob), to felling trees, constructing a bridge, diverting a stream, foraging, selling at a farmers market, and dealing with everything from disabling injuries to crude-but-effective sanitation/composting systems. This is their how-we-did-it and how you should (or shouldn’t!) do it.

The book reminds me a bit of Dolly Freed’s quirky and hard to get Possum Living, which is mentioned in the “Useful resources” section. Like hers, Poorman Living is both one individual’s (sometimes quirky) story and at the same time filled with practical advice for creating a life of extreme simplicity and independence. Oh, and there’s some “attitude” there, too. Good Bad Attitude toward interfering Authoritah.

Unlike Freed’s humble little paperback, Poorman Living is an oversized volume printed on thick, slick paper. It features dozens, maybe 100 or more, color photos (some purely beautiful and other illustrating the how-tos of the text). This brings up the one disadvantage of the book — its price. But for someone who wants to head into the wild and could use a general voice-of-experience guide, Poorman Living could be worth every penny (and more) of its $40 cost.

I also find it encouraging that Jeremy and Brandon, like Shane and Kyle of the VONU revival, are very young men — twenty-somethings — who are determined not only to live free, but to inspire and help others find ways to seek freedom.

The future may be in better hands than we sometimes imagine.


*Jeremy and his partner are the young men who took in Mama Liberty’s corgi, Laddie, and later transported him long-distance to Joel when he didn’t get along with their border collie. Jeremy is also headed to med school soon with the aim of being a country doctor. Readers of this blog helped him with both the dog transport and getting to his med school interviews.


  1. khperkins
    khperkins June 18, 2019 1:22 pm

    I still have my original copy of Possum Living. Bought it in 1978 or ’79. There seems to be a revised edition on Amazon.

  2. Joel
    Joel June 18, 2019 6:28 pm

    I have a copy of Poorman Living. Have only scanned it so far since this month has been unsettled and so haven’t yet written a detailed review but even so I can recommend it.

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