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Another freedomista in need (but this one’s also selling a rifle)

Carl “Bear” Bussjaeger is a long-time freedomista. He has his own blog. He writes for The Zelman Partisans. And he was instrumental (along with Bill St. Clair) in getting this site and its sister site online and working out their bugs.

About two months ago, gruesome disaster struck — followed by equally gruesome medical bills.

Bear is now selling possessions to cover as much as he can of those bills. First up: an AR pattern rifle and gear.

Unfortunately, this is for local pick-up in Georgia only. If you’re not near there, please spread the word to gun-folk friends who might be more available. (No prohibited persons, please, at Bear’s request.) No set price; he’s over a barrel and admits it, so the price is the best offer he receives.

Also, while he’s not asking any favors, he does have a tip jar at the bottom of his blog. If you can’t purchase the firearm, maybe you can drop a few bucks there.


  1. Carl "Bear" Bussjaeger
    Carl "Bear" Bussjaeger January 6, 2022 11:03 am

    Thank you, Claire.

    And when I reviewed my original after-action post, I saw that, under the influence of pain and meds, I’d misstated some details. It was actually worse.

  2. Granny
    Granny January 6, 2022 12:29 pm

    Thank you for letting us know Claire.

  3. Comrade X
    Comrade X January 6, 2022 12:31 pm

    Get well Bro!

    I don’t live anywhere near you or I would make a bid on that AR & gear for sure.

    Will visit that tip jar.

    I have passed this on to others in your area too.

    Again; get well!

  4. M
    M January 6, 2022 4:05 pm

    Claire – thanks for letting us know.

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