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Author: Claire

Tuesday links

Charles Hugh Smith: What happens when your karma runs over your dogma Why Bernie’s “billionaire’s wealth tax” would hurt the poor and middle class. Len Savage: The ATF’s tactics are so bad, their own lawyer was creeped out. Florida shows us what we can expect from red-flag laws. Kids as young as eight years are getting red flagged “to send a message.” Last week’s best news was ex-cop Amber Guyger being convicted of murder. Then the media quickly changed the subject to the hug and forgiveness she received from her victim’s brother. In all the sentimentalizing, let’s not forget that…


Amazon, boo. Apples and friends, yay.

Knowing Amazon, I didn’t intend to appeal the shut-down of my blog Associates account, but at the urging of a kind reader, I ended up giving it a shot. The message that belatedly came back to me from the Associates program began: Dear Sir or Madam, We received your appeal regarding the termination of your Associates account. A specialist has reviewed your account and the decision to terminate your account was found to be correct. As stated previously, under the terms of the Operating Agreement (, we may terminate your account at any time, with or without cause [my emphasis].…


Doubt: A guest post

The following was written by the son of a Living Freedom blog reader. Homeschooled, and mostly unschooled, he wrote this as part of his college application. —– The meanest dog you’ll ever meet, He ain’t the hound dog in the street. He bares some teeth and tears some skin, But brother, that’s the worst of him. No, the dog you really gotta dread, Is the one that howls inside your head, It’s him whose howling drives men mad, And a mind to its undoing. The ancient tale of Orpheus and Eurydice is a familiar one. A young man falls in…


A Tuesday ramble including more somewhat random thoughts on Outsiders

Since December of 1989, I’ve walked my dogs (anywhere from one to six of them) a mile or so every morning and every afternoon. Every day unless I’ve been too sick or the weather has been downright dangerous. Yesterday we had our first frost. I bundled up, but the breeze was just stiff enough to pierce my clothes, redden my cheeks, and set my nose dripping. Ava seemed to enjoy herself, but all I could think was, “I can’t face another long winter of bone-chilling morning walks.” Ava, even at 14, has boundless walkie energy and will stare at me…


Saturday links

Yeah. Because nobody needs an AR for personal or home defense. Famous tech institute suppresses student dissent by enforcing non-existent policy. Caught in the act, they then turn around write the restrictive policy after the fact. Cops claim it was okay to murder an innocent man (in a wrong-house raid) because he was an illegal immigrant and therefore had no constitutional rights. Have these guys actually ever read the BoR, and especially its preamble? This Florida orangutan, OTOH, has human rights. (Via Wendy McElroy) The NTSB concludes the Boeing 737-Max wasn’t designed for humans. I consider all airliners (and airports)…


The Outsiders’ Gift

“Every culture should have a couple of outsiders bringing a message from outside of the dominant culture. I’d like to think there’s something I too can add to the way we view the world.” — Philip Connors, fire lookout and author —– Last week you guys in the blog Commentariat and I wrote about the value (or lack of value) of “tribal elders” — wise men and women who stand as guardians of principles, traditions, and hard-won wisdom. In a sense, those elders are the ultimate insiders of a society. They teach, they preserve, they protect. But they also usually…


We now pause for a brief commercial announcement

Several things … 1. Starting tomorrow, Sunday, September 22 at 8:00 a.m. (presumably PDT), the Kindle edition of Basics of Resistance will be on sale for $0.99. Every 50 hours the price will increase until it’s back up to its normal $3.99 after a week. Grab it while you can. Please tell your friends. —– 2. Thinking about your Christmas shopping already? Well, probably not unless you’re one of those people. But sometime in October or November, I will have 20-some autographed copies of the trade paperback version of Basics of Resistance. If all goes well, they’ll be signed by…


Happy Paratus!

Today is Paratus, the holiday celebrating and encouraging preparedness. Read all about it at that link, where the FAQ is as tongue-in-cheek as it is useful. And I even got a card! Thank you, Commander Zero. So how are YOU celebrating Paratus (other than not celebrating it at all because you never heard of it before)? Follow that link at the top for ideas.


Take that, Beto!

You’ve heard about a thousand times now that Beto the Brilliant opened his yap and blew the cover off all those claims that “nobody wants to take your guns (you paranoid weirdo, you).” There have been a lot of good responses. I’m rather partial to this one, which came from the incomparable Len Savage. Enjoy … the AR-15 flame thrower. And don’t miss this little nine-second movie of the gadget in action. We’ll be ready for you when you turn up at our doors to take our guns, Beto. All things considered, perhaps you might rather leave us, our property,…


Where are the wise ones? And do we really need ’em anyhow?

Winter has already arrived here in the NorthWET, bringing days of steady rain and a desire to crawl back into bed, crank up the mattress warmer, and hibernate for the next seven months. This was one of those years when we never really got a summer; those happen about every fifth year and turn the supposedly changing seasons into one endless, multi-year gloom. During the few rare pleasant days I was mostly hustling to get walls walled and plants planted and forgot to enjoy myself. Still, the rain’s bound to make the newly planted grass happy, and it’s the price…