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Author: Claire

When the ship begins to sink

Via comes an excellent bit of tax-day snark: “What Do We Do If the Rich Start to Leave?” Good beginning of a good question. The writer, Bill Frezza, says, “500 American citizens and green card holders in the last quarter of 2009 said goodbye to America forever. Not many, but double the number of expatriations in all of 2008. Good riddance, other millionaires will take their place.” He’s not real clear on what he means by the rich, or whether those 500 surrendered their citizenship or just slipped away, PT-fashion, to friendlier climes.* But it’s the thought that counts.…


Want a bulletproof tee-shirt?

It’s a tee-shirt! No, it’s body armor! Or maybe it’s body armor made from tee-shirt material. You be the judge here and here. I don’t suppose we’ll be wearing bullet-resistant tees any time soon, but it does sound as if more comfortable, flexible, and inexpensive body armor is in the works. Among other things. (H/T Pat)


Books 4 sale — classics!

Week or two ago, somebody asked me if I had any copies of my books for sale. I had to say no. I don’t usually keep copies around & I told him that any I had would be packed away in trunks. Got curious about those trunks. And while it’s true I don’t have any of my current books, I stumbled upon some out-of-print treasures and decided to release a few of them to the wild via eBay. To wit: A brand-new, never-read copy of 101 Things to do ‘Til the Revolution and A brand-new, never-read first edition of Don’t…


Monday miscellany

Liberty’s friend Stewart Rhodes gets the opening paragraph of a Newsweek article. Too darned bad it’s an article titled “Hate” and filled with all the usual MSM bigotry toward everybody who isn’t a government supremacist. They also give Stewart the closing paragraph — while quoting “words of wisdom” from Bill O’Reilly that are neither wise nor historically accurate. Guess neither Mr. O’R nor the Newsweek screed writer understand the coup the Supremes pulled in Marbury v Madison. Can’t say I like the term “sheeple.” But Philalethes is correct: this picture is worth a thousand words. Yeah, as Joel says, it’s…


10 Rules for dealing with police

Tip o’ hat to Radley Balko, the Flex Your Rights video 10 Rules for Dealing with Police is now on YouTube in four 10-minute segments. I haven’t yet seen this and I understand it’s directed primarily at urban minorities who so often find themselves profiled and stopped on flimsy pretexts. But the earlier Flex Your Rights video, Busted: A Citizen’s Guide to Surviving Police Encounters, is excellent and we all need to know the things FYR teaches. How to: Deal with traffic stops, street stops & police at your door Know your rights & maintain your cool Avoid common police…


Arizona about to go to Vermont carry

Quietly, very quietly … with even most gun-bloggers not noticing as the bill moved through the legislature, Arizona is about to become the third state to go to Vermont carry. Everybody expects the gov to sign the bill. That’s huge. Huge. And I wouldn’t even have known, except that Joel has been tracking the news. ADDED: Normally, I would not even think about doing this. But thanks to a comment by gun-rights activist AlanR, I found this link asking Arizona residents to contact Governor Jan Brewer to urge her to sign the bill. Normally, I think of that sort of…


Your advice, please

I’d like your thoughts on making this blog everything it should be. My arrangement with Backwoods Home is that I will blog once a week. On average. If I’m busy or don’t have anything to say, I can go weeks without a post and Dave Duffy won’t kick me off his website. But you might have noticed I blog a leeeeetle more often than that. 🙂 Partly, the frequent posts are to suck you all in to this blog as a daily routine. (BWAHHHAHHHAHH! she chortles evilly). But seriously, I know it can be disappointing to visit blogs that are…


Thursday miscellany

The most useless software in the world. Even though it’s a form of Linux. Could it be that some of the mysteries of the infamous no-fly list are to be revealed? If so, it might be thanks to a tenacious mother of four and a few judges who haven’t completely sold their souls to the security state. Yet. (Tip o’ the hat to Jim) And speaking of Jim, darned good article. But you are sabotaging my efforts to keep this blog more positive. Just in case you need another look at the “century’s most important graph,” here’s another take on…


“New drug” hysteria

One more reason the mainstream media is dying. They’re still stuck back in the “reefer madness” days. Case in point: CNN (via an alleged new-media affiliate) discovers a “new” drug that strips users of their free will. Gasp! OMG! The horror! But the name of the supposedly new drug sounded very, very, very, extremely, wildly familiar. And sure enough. It’s been around forever and its been quite well known to science for 130 years. As to stripping away free will — dubious. But it’ll make you heave your guts out and hallucinate and it can kill you, as thousands of…


Monday miscellany

A 10-year-old artist’s work is booted from an exhibition. Seems to me the reasons given for removing it are the very reasons it should have stayed. A history of the Raggedy Ann doll. Why care? Well, turns out the story involves some very contemporary-sounding issues about vaccines. Caveat: Three different sources give different accounts (others here and here). The latter is the most dramatic and so much at cross-purposes to the other two that it makes one’s head spin. Or maybe it’s just government spin. Hm. I’ve heard sociopaths sound sound just like this after being caught: trivializing the pain…