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Category: Cultural insanity

Weekend links

Hastert may be a criminal. But other feds are worse. (Never mind that Hastert and his ilk made them worse.) I admit it. Maeve Binchy, the mega-selling Irish author of simple domestic tales, is one of my guilty girly pleasures. Binchy died in 2012 of heart problems. While looking for something completely unrelated to her health, I stumbled upon this nice article about how she made the best of her initial diagnosis. Inspiring. The fedgov has recently made it 5x more expensive to do. But Americans are again surrendering their citizenship in small but record-setting numbers. (Tip o’ hat to…


Friday links

Another lemonade stand bites the dust. (Then is “allowed” to reopen, subject to inspection. They’re gonna kill a whole generation of entrepreneurs.) And that’s not all they’re doing to the independence of children. In the pre-apocalypse vacation cabins are the first to go. Kind of a dumb lefty article, but still interesting. How one doctor blew the whistle on horrendous medical fraud and malpractice. This doctor had nothing personally to gain; just integrity. Even after he put himself at risk, it appears the government followed up only minimally, doing little to investigate what must have been an entire empire of…


Thursday links

The fedgov’s new attempt to ban tech speech about firearms appears to be an attempt to slap Defense Distributed for getting uppity. But attacks on free speech are getting more ominous — and sometimes more stupid — by the minute. Thank you, Ken White, for revealing this outrage. Another good commentary on the subpoena served on Reason. Intellectuals: Leviathan’s Praetorian Guard. Thanks to a recent WSJ editorial, the world seems to have awakened to the fact that social “science” is little more than an intellectual justification of liberalism. Big debate now going on. Cameron of The Passive Habit agrees, but…


Wednesday links

So … how much impact, if any, do you think Obama’s ban carefully structured limitation on further cop militarization will have? (H/T MJR) Only in the 21st century: Social Network Dysmorphia. Incoming Boston University professor Saida Grundy first made news with a series of racist, sexist, and historically ignorant tweets. But that was so last week. It’s even hard to find those tweets now, since news came out that she also trolled and taunted a white rape victim. And acted like a generally arrogant ass, besides. Teach your children well, folks. ‘Cause “higher education” is increasingly unlikely to do it.…


Monday links

John Silveira’s famous Backwoods Home classified ad continues to live on 18 years later. It’s already become an indie movie and helped launch a director’s burgeoning career. (H/T DD) Kentucky Authoritahs grab 10 kids, apparently just because they’re unschooled and live off grid. Hearing today. Wish this family good fortune. So lessee. Reading to your kids is about the best way in the world to give them a head start. Better than fancy private schools. Which means that the proper response is … quit doing it and maybe even eliminate families. Huh? “Harrison Bergeron” indeed. I’ve just added a new…