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Category: Health and Science

How that primal diet’s going

Been two weeks now since I started that primal-paleo-neanderthal-caveman-evolutionary diet. (Someone really has to settle on a good name for this thing.) Some folks offered helpful advice and some asked to be kept posted on progress, so this seems a good time for a check-in. To recap, a primal diet (primal nutrition really, since it’s not something you just do until your waistline shrinks) consists mostly of vegetables, meat, nuts, animal and vegetable fats, and limited amounts of fruit and dairy (depending on which “expert” is talking). It excludes nearly all grains (a bit of corn and rice allowed, but…


A confession

… and some more miscellany. The confession The astute among you who’ve followed my links to Joel Simon’s blog, The Ultimate Answer to Kings, have noticed, shall we say, a few similarities between Joel’s life and mine. I think it’s time to reveal the secret. No, I am not Joel Simon. I have more hair and I’d look just awful in that beard, not to mention that Jayne Cobb cunning hat. But I am the neighbor Joel refers to as W. or Uncle W. — and I suspect his attempt to turn me into a person of the male persuasion…


Wednesday at random

Great story of the week: Homeless man rescues hopeless dog. Via Rational Review News, top honors go to a Forest Ranger who sounds like he deserves them. “Democracy breeds gullibility.” Which breeds worse. Dudeism! Now there’s a religion I could get behind. If I weren’t too busy swinging in a hammock in the shade. Sipping a Margarita. Tip o’ hat to Pirate King Lufty at The Mental Militia Forums. Long before I ever heard the terms “paleo diet,” “caveman diet,” “neanderthal diet,” or “pirmal diet” my food intake had been moving in that direction. My body simply told me (after…


How bad is it really, there in the Gulf?

If this is true, I really feel for all you folks who live in the Gulf states or along the South Atlantic coast. (Some NSFW language behind that link.) Heck, every person with a heart already feels for you — and for the critters that dwell in the Gulf. Hoping it’s not really as much worse as the latest allegations imply. But satellite photos and other evidence from the last few days have been ominous. Good luck to us all. (And be glad you’ve got some preps to get you through hard times.)


Naughty, naughty

Okay. It’s Friday. It’s May. The weekend is coming. The sun in shining. It’s a good day for being naughty here at the blog. Don’t tell Dave Duffy (aka The Boss), but today let’s cover things strictly illegal and fattening. To wit: You just know cannabis is finally out of the Reefer Madness days and inching toward the mainstream when the New York Times runs a straightfaced article on how chefs’ and other staffers’ personal use of the herb is influencing both food and atmosphere at restaurants. Well, makes sense. Cannabis. Munchies. Yeah. And along those lines: Dan D. Lyon,…


Billions of new 1099 forms?

You recall that “health-care” bill that had to pass so we could find out what’s in it? Well, Cato discovers yet another “mandate” in there that will land hard on every, single business person in the entire country. Weird one, too. Not exactly a paperwork reduction act. Yep, that was a “health-care” bill, alright. For the health of the IRS.


Monday miscellany

Liberty’s friend Stewart Rhodes gets the opening paragraph of a Newsweek article. Too darned bad it’s an article titled “Hate” and filled with all the usual MSM bigotry toward everybody who isn’t a government supremacist. They also give Stewart the closing paragraph — while quoting “words of wisdom” from Bill O’Reilly that are neither wise nor historically accurate. Guess neither Mr. O’R nor the Newsweek screed writer understand the coup the Supremes pulled in Marbury v Madison. Can’t say I like the term “sheeple.” But Philalethes is correct: this picture is worth a thousand words. Yeah, as Joel says, it’s…


Monday miscellany

A 10-year-old artist’s work is booted from an exhibition. Seems to me the reasons given for removing it are the very reasons it should have stayed. A history of the Raggedy Ann doll. Why care? Well, turns out the story involves some very contemporary-sounding issues about vaccines. Caveat: Three different sources give different accounts (others here and here). The latter is the most dramatic and so much at cross-purposes to the other two that it makes one’s head spin. Or maybe it’s just government spin. Hm. I’ve heard sociopaths sound sound just like this after being caught: trivializing the pain…


Lactobacillus acidophilus:Yeah, it’s a mouthful

I’m adding a new archive category to the blog today: Health. In the years of ObamaMed, we’re going to need to take even better care of ourselves. Those doctor appointments you’ll be forced to pre-pay for are going to be harder than ever to come by. I add a health category with trepidation. For one thing, I’m one of those lucky ones who’s been blessed with good genes and mostly inclined toward … well, at least moderately healthy habits. So I’ve been able to take health for granted. For another, there’s an excess of contradictory, sometimes bogus, sometimes self-interested health…