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Category: Health and Science

Wednesday miscellany

My deadlines are going better than I thought. Still blogging. (But don’t be surprised if I miss a few days. The hardest part hasn’t hit yet. I’m working up my nerve to be Brilliant. You can only imagine what an effort that requires.) Hm. We knew “our representatives” were corrupt, hypocritical, and a lot of other things. But crazy? I mean, crazier than you’d have to be to want to run other people’s lives in the first place. LOL! Here’s the tale of a man who foreclosed on Wells Fargo. Seriously. The sheriff was going to auction off the local…


Wednesday afternoon miscellany

Seen — or rather not seen — conducting routine traffic stops in Houston. What Cyclone Yasi would look like if it were over the U.S.. What odd timing that a storm that big actually is over the U.S. right now. But even folks in Chicago or Tulsa’s ice and snow should be grateful they’re not getting Yasi. Per Jackie Juntti in a recent comments section: The MSM finally starts covering Project Gunwalker — feebly, of course — and Mike Vanderboegh sticks it to ’em again and again. Some good dog news. A Labrador retriever can apparently be just about as…


Wednesday miscellany

Kewl. Freedomista cartoonist Scott Bieser has a new online graphic novel. His first solo effort. Even in this era of manipulative bill-naming, this pretty much takes the cake. I wish ’em well. But sheesh, grownups don’t need propaganda names like that. Former presidential aide murdered and dumped. Okay, it’s not likely to be another Vince Foster case. Still. It’s getting weirder and weirder. So Obama is for “change.” And he’s trying to project a more pro-business image (yeah, right). The answer? Well, according to a lot of high-level speculation that means putting another Chicago pol and banker in a top…


Aaron Zelman, RIP

OMG. I just learned that Aaron Zelman, founder, guiding spirit, and chief cook and bottle washer of JPFO, has died. More than a week ago. I woke up this morning to a reader’s letter, passed along by BHM’s webmaster, Oliver. I could hardly believe it. Then I found the above-linked mini-obituary that sadly says so little of the man. There should be so much more! I hope there will soon be tributes all over the ‘Net. Aaron and I worked together for seven years. I admired him and even though he could be crazy-making at times, he had one of…


Tuesday miscellany

Thirty-nine percent of the polled U.S. public appear to be terribly misinformed. Don’t know whether this is true. But would anybody really be surprised if it were? The radiation may not be the only health hazard. Heh. So much for trust, but verify. Maybe they shoulda seen the signs. Want a free gun? Pretty cool one, too. All the systemic corruption of the U.S. financial system … all the horrendous harm bankers and regulators and the fed conspired to do to us ordinary working folks and our country. And who does the fedgov decide to go after??? OMG. Insider trading.…


Tales from a third-world state of America

In these once-great united States of America, one state long ago led the way toward freedom. (No offense to you, Virginia; you produced magnificent radicals. But Massachusetts was first to kick ass.) More recently, that state has been leading the way toward third-world status — beginning with plundering the productive and promoting corrupt cronyism. I have friends who are unfortunate enough to live in Massachusetts and who, for various reasons, can’t leave. One of those, a small business owner, wrote me two doleful emails last week about his problems with both the local plunderers and those national vandals, the IRS.…



I knew there was some reason I moved back to the NorthWET. Chanterelle mushrooms! Early fall is chanterelle season in this part of the world. But I hadn’t planned on hunting the elusive little critters this year. Been way too busy. And chanterelles, though they can be plentiful when you find them, usually require serious finding. But there I was, minding my own business, traipsing along a logging road with the dogs, and all these big, fat mushrooms were growing within about 10 feet of each other, shining like bright gold beacons not 20 feet off the road. The forest…


Ha ha ha ha ha

A federal judge rules that it is constitutional for Our Glorious Leaders to force us all to buy health insurance. Ain’t freedom grand? And guess which clause of the Big Con justifies it. Just have yourself one tiny little guess. It won’t take long. Yeah, I know. This won’t be the last decision on the matter. And you can call it tyranny all you like (and you’ll be right). But it’s getting downright funny, the many ways in which that old Constitution can be folded, spindled, and multilated. The logic, if you can call it that, is hysterical. Actually, it…


Goop mystery: the solution

On yesterday’s mystery goop,, here (and you’re not gonna like it) is the solution. Thank you guys who knew and either refrained from answering or merely dropped sly hints. FWIW, my guesses would have been of the taffy/soft-serve strawberry ice cream sort, along with a lot of you. Or perhaps I’d have guessed it was a joke — something designed to look as if it came out of Barney the purple dinosaur’s rear end — which, come to think of it, isn’t that far from the reality of the stuff. Eeeeew.


Mystery goop

Okay, let’s have some guesses. What do you think it is? And if you’ve seen this photo before and know what it is, please refrain from revealing the truth. Be more entertaining to hear first what folks think it might be.