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Category: Homeschooling, free families, and government child prisons

Fed up with the safety nazis ….

… who are denaturing science as they’re trying to denature everything else … a Microsoft nerd put a nuclear reactor in his garage and invited smart kids to come play with it. The project aims to reimagine what science class might look like, and nudge dozens of kids into careers in science and technology. It started with a guy named Carl Greninger, and his realization that tight budgets and fear of lawsuits have pushed out much of the fun, dangerous stuff from high school science labs, leaving ‚Äúnothing sharper than silly putty. “I walked into a classroom and I saw…


Tuesday links

The newspaper that said, “Up yours” to the Internet. A bit of good news from the Supremes — though (typically) it may not mean much in practice. This Saturday is Data Privacy Day. Though since it was declared such by Congress, it may not mean much in practice, either. Good one, MamaLiberty. Did those guys in the SUV really have curly earpieces, too? LOL. Two lessons from the Megaupload seizure. Big lessons. May God (if any) keep and preserve Glenn Greenwald. Simon Black echoes the sentiments. “Another reason to homeschool,” sez D, who sent this link. What kind of screwed-up…


More thank yous, catching up, and Tuesday news

Happy New Year — even if it is already old news. Whew. What a couple of months its been. I’ve been deadlining solidly since at least early November, and though it’s interesting work (art, mostly), I’m tired. This week is the biggest push of all, so in a minute here I’m going to turn the blog over to MJR (who found and sent a host of interesting newsbits) and get back to work on my assignments. —– But first … some more thank yous. Thanks to JS and SC at Paladin Press, I got a photocopy of that Playboy article…