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Category: Money

Posts about being frugal, getting out of debt, staying out of debt, spending practically and splurging joyfully. This category may also contain posts about hard money and what the government is doing to all that “soft money” it creates.

That fraud in the metals markets

If you watch the precious metals markets (and don’t we all, if we’re into preparedness, even if we can’t afford to do much with our observations), you’ve probably been hearing allegations of monstrous frauds festering beneath the surface. But as with so many doings in financial markets, the specifics of metals manipulations are arcane and … well, they hurt the brain. But I finally found a human-readable explanation. (And here’s another pretty good one from the inimitable Mogambo Guru.) Terrible news, if true, for people who have invested in gold funds or who are under the illusion that they own…


Writer in the treetops/419 revisited

Two quick things: 1. In England a broke & jobless writer takes to the trees in an experiment in low-cost, low-impact self sufficiency. Very creative. 2. I think Joel “did” 419 better than I: “It’s Interesting Times Day!” And a third: 3. Radley Balko also does today proud.

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Money matters: Credit Karma

Things have happened in the last few years that have prompted me to make life changes. No details right now. It’s not the business of the whole, wide world. Just say there’s room for ghosts, agitators, and moles, and more in freedom. One change, though, is that after years of having a house but no money, I sold Cabin Sweet Cabin last summer and moved into a friend’s trailer. So now there’s a little money but no house. That’s how I was able to go to Panama. Anyhow, after a long sometimes-painful, often blissful, non-relationship with money, its on my…


Linux: This time, it really IS time

Every once in a while, I beat the drum for Linux. I swear it’s not just for geeks any more. After all, I’m no geek and I’ve been using Linux — and watching it get better and better — for 12 years. Windows users usually ignore me when I bang my Linux drum. Ah well; so it goes. But a couple of things happened recently that convinced me Linux has finally, truly, really, no-kidding gone beyond being a contender against Windows for the average desktop user. It has become clearly superior to Windows for the average desktop user. So, you…


Soros and “the ultimate bubble”

Lessee … he calls it “the ultimate bubble.” Then a couple of weeks later, George Soros doubles his gold holdings. What’s that about, I wonder? —– Writing to you from today’s first airport, where I managed to get through “security” with nothing worse than a pat-down search and a hand swabbing. And why did they choose me for a pat-down? Because the baggy Thai-style pants I was wearing had large (obviously empty) pockets. The hand swabbing, apparently, is now part of the routine. I changed from pants to skirt as soon as I got through Checkpoint Charlie. Don’t want to…

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Money and “The perfect is the enemy of the good”

The other day, I noodled about that famous Voltaire quote. While googling the phrase, I came across series of 14 articles on the Get Rich Slowly site. (The ninth article in the series is “The Perfect is the Enemy of the Good.”) Since avoiding unnecessary debt and financial dependency are among the basics of living free, I thought I’d toss the series to you for a read. It’s filled with solid advice even if you don’t aim to get rich, slowly, quickly, or any other way. In fact, the last article in the series is “It’s more important to be…