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Category: Poly-Ticks

Those blood-sucking vermin in state and national capitals and city halls everywhere

Markets, politicians, and other maunderings

I tried. I did. I really tried to work up enthusiasm about Tuesday’s red-hot primaries. I mean, Arlen Spector being thrown out, Rand Paul being thrown in (maybe) … that oughta be exciting. Especially to an old political junkie like me — who started collecting politicians’ autographs when she was 12 (I still have my Richard Nixon) — who used to stay up into the wee hours to track election results — who, as recently as 1994 actually went to the local courthouse to be among the first to get precinct results. But no. Couldn’t even work up a good…


The menace of “do somethingness”

Well, since it appears that the U.S. stock market isn’t going to crash — yet — this morning — okay, for the next couple of hours, at least — I’m going to sit down and take up a much more serious, but slower-paced, problem that’s been on my mind. I’m talking about the national, even global plague of “do somethingness.” You know how people are always trying to find solutions to gigantic problems, and (because their only tool is government), making a worse mess of everything? Blame “do somethingness.” If we could only end the “do something” plague, clever, independent…


Friday miscellany

You’ve probably already spotted the “lite” blogging this week. Unfortunately, expect the same for the next week-plus. We’re about to begin a serious building project here at Last-Chance Gulch and for roughly 10 days, it’ll be nothing but work and visitors around here. (Most of the visitors will be helping in some way with construction, bless their hearts; but we’ll all be busy.) And wouldn’t you know it, a surprise deadline came up at the same time. So much for my peaceful hermitude. If I can blog along, the way, I surely will. But don’t hold me up to really…



“Tonight’s vote is not a victory for any one party [Obama said] … It’s a victory for the American people, and it’s a victory for common sense.” In a reference to his 2008 campaign slogan, Obama added, “This is what change looks like.” Scary. —– In addition: The magnificently astute Glenn Greenwald has a spot-on take on the new power of special-interest groups in the Obama establishment. Why the largest health-care labor union so desperately lobbied for the Dreaded Law. (Hint: It had nothing to do with health. Or care.) Finally, here’s the former director of the Congressional Budget Office…


A new slogan for …

Reading editorials like this one (which are coming from even some mainstream, left-leaning news sources as the health-care abortion comes closer to being performed upon the American population) inspires me to a new political slogan: Democrats: The only party that can make Republicans look good. Only problem is, which party should use it? Oh, the choices … —– While on the subject of the odious health-care bill and dirty tactics, here’s a pretty good whupping from Peggy Noonan, too. I sure do like her style.


Comfort with complexity

Being comfortable with complexity. It’s something that’s been on my mind for years. But I was reminded of it again after reading an otherwise-sneering Mother Jones profile of the New York Times’s “conservative” columnist, Ross Douthat. Now, Douthat isn’t “conservative” by any standard most folks would recognize around here (federal wage subsidies, anyone?). But what got Mother to ooohing and aaahing is that Douthat is apparently a thinker who is comfortable with nuance and complexity. The writer, Mark Oppenheimer, just could not wrap his head around the idea of a “conservative” who didn’t toe some O’Reillyesque party line. Of course,…


For those who still believe in “working within the system”

Ah, couldn’t you just see it coming? How to undermine a movement: turn its values on their heads. Palin and the tea-party “movement”: nothing new. First, the R-party is taken over by neo-conservatives (who are, of course, neither new nor conservative). Then the L-party falls into the hands of neo-cons. Now, only a year after its beginnings as a vigorous, Paulista, grass-roots movement for smaller government and fiscal common sense, the tea-party movement, too, has been co-opted by the same gang of warfare-welfare, centralized-power, to-hell-with-the-rule-of-law con artists. The specific power factions may come and go (or change their name and…


What on earth am I doing here?

Well, pretty much the same thing I always do when I’m not in work-avoidance mode: writing about my old favorite topic, personal freedom. The name of the blog says it all. The writings here will be about “living freedom” in our own lives (rather than waiting or fighting for it to be politically bestowed). The blog’s name also says that freedom is a living thing. Okay, not a “living and breathing” thing like a dog or cat or you or me. But freedom will live as long as human beings breathe. As Viktor Frankl made so eloquently clear, freedom can…