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Category: Privacy and self ownership

Owning our own information and telling Big Brother to get lost

Thursday links

  • The NSA’s mission statement as of last year. The NSA’s mission statement today. Seems they’ve given up on “honesty” and turned “transparency” into pure authoritarianism. But then, did anybody believe them in the first place? (Via The Intercept)
  • “When Corruption is a Job Perk” (cops and “get out of jail free” cards for their friends and relatives). But no worries! The cop union plans to cut corruption by as much as 1/3. Maybe even 1/2 for retired cops.
  • Commander Zero has interesting observations on a little-known experiment in starvation — and also offers his readers a chance to get in on a heavily discounted bulk buy of those excellent Mountain House foods. 13 Comments
  • Midweek links

  • We were worried about our rights when the IRS started using private bill collectors. Did we even consider that the poor IRS might actually lose money on the deal?
  • Nissan wants to read your mind.
  • Richard Rahn talks rationally about immigration from sh*tholes (or ratholes or sh*thouses; the claims about Trump’s language are mutating) — and in the process includes three branches of my ancestry. I’m so proud. 8 Comments
  • Tuesday links

  • James Damore (remember him?) has just filed a class-action suit against Google, alleging the company discriminates against conservative white males. That could get interesting.
  • I love movies. But I am so freakin’ sick of whiny, hypocritical actresses lamenting how difficult their privileged lives are and congratulating themselves for the “courage” of their #MeTooing and their black gowns red carpet that I’m thinking about giving up my Netflix and going cold turkey.
  • In case you didn’t already know it, the NFL boycott is real and significant 12 Comments