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Category: Religion

Sunday-Monday links

  • Today in history: Pat Tillman died for his country’s propaganda machine.
  • Today in history, part II: The fedgov kindly rescued little Elian Gonzalez to return him to Cuba. Photo of the heartwarming moment below.
  • It’s also Earth Day. So marvel at the accuracy of 18 dire predictions made for the original ED. That is, you can marvel if you’re one of the lucky survivors who haven’t starved to death, died in the food riots, or succumbed to toxic waste in your food, air, or soil. 2 Comments
  • Weekend links

  • Maqgie McNeill lets loose on “…every yahoo endowed with a one-dimensional sense of ethics who brays that the current sorry state of the American empire is the fault of whichever ‘wing’ of the US Fascist Party he does not identify with.”
  • Joel Kotkin: American Jews should wake up and realize which side their most dangerous enemies are on. (Via Instapundit)
  • At Harvard, you can’t even say “free speech” if you want to hold an event there. Because, you know, free speech is such a right-wing thing. 10 Comments
  • I will be back

    Possibly tomorrow if all goes well. I’ve been offline, ignoring most email, personal messages, and news. I haven’t meant to be rude, but I’ve been sunk in a funk, and a deep dark one at that. Wintery temps and record-setting rains haven’t helped matters. This morning I received a feast of spiritual sustenance from my friend Alexander. I’d sent him a selfish and whiny missive. He must have spent his entire evening responding to it. He sent humor, love, scholarship, and entertainingly unconventional theology. It reset my perspective. It cheered me as no standard attempt at cheer could have done.…


    For Alexander

    My friend Alexander was “executed” and reborn today. One journey over, one begun. This was not an impulse decision. It was a long, arduous venture into the depths of spiritual mystery. I’m as religious as a lump of lead, yet somehow Alexander brought me along with him, through it all. My part began with music — specifically this music. Then Alexander carried me along, though history, art, humor, more art (lots of art), personal struggle, philosophy, tears, synchronicity (lots of synchronicity), and general wonders. I was privileged to play a small part in an enormous adventure. Many thanks, all thanks,…


    Thursday links

  • “Blood unicorn” Theranos and its founder Elizabeth Holmes are charged with fraud. Good article.
  • Somebody needs to take this video of Hillary and score it with “Hail to the Chief” to remind us how we lucked out.
  • United Airlines does the mean and stupid again. This time a dog dies. (If even I know the rules about carrying dogs in the passenger cabin, how come a United flight attendant doesn’t?) 14 Comments
  • They’re everywhere

    I ate breakfast this morning on the screen porch. Fresh blueberries in Greek yogurt with honey from the dear Friends of the Blog at Molon Labe Apiary. (I used the honey their bees produced during last summer’s wildfires, which I hope they did end up calling Smoking Gun, per Ellendra’s suggestion.) It was only in the low 40s, but mild and pleasant. The screen porch looks out on the fern-covered hill that rises just 12 feet from the back wall. Between house and hill is a small gravel plain that will eventually be a patio. It’s a teeny, tiny view,…


    Friday links

  • Is this why those darned flying cars are so late getting here?
  • Couple arrested for living in squalor with their kids in the desert. I admit my first thought was, “Is this any more ‘abusive’ than sending the offspring to government school?” (The article’s attempt to tie this to the torture of the Turpin kids is the cheeziest of tabloidism.) UPDATE: Here’s an account with more sympathetic details.
  • Even the devotedly leftist Intercept says there is no epidemic of school shootings. 21 Comments