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Category: Resistance

Sometimes you need to say “no” to Big Brother

When the ship begins to sink

Via comes an excellent bit of tax-day snark: “What Do We Do If the Rich Start to Leave?” Good beginning of a good question. The writer, Bill Frezza, says, “500 American citizens and green card holders in the last quarter of 2009 said goodbye to America forever. Not many, but double the number of expatriations in all of 2008. Good riddance, other millionaires will take their place.” He’s not real clear on what he means by the rich, or whether those 500 surrendered their citizenship or just slipped away, PT-fashion, to friendlier climes.* But it’s the thought that counts.…


10 Rules for dealing with police

Tip o’ hat to Radley Balko, the Flex Your Rights video 10 Rules for Dealing with Police is now on YouTube in four 10-minute segments. I haven’t yet seen this and I understand it’s directed primarily at urban minorities who so often find themselves profiled and stopped on flimsy pretexts. But the earlier Flex Your Rights video, Busted: A Citizen’s Guide to Surviving Police Encounters, is excellent and we all need to know the things FYR teaches. How to: Deal with traffic stops, street stops & police at your door Know your rights & maintain your cool Avoid common police…


Monday miscellany

A 10-year-old artist’s work is booted from an exhibition. Seems to me the reasons given for removing it are the very reasons it should have stayed. A history of the Raggedy Ann doll. Why care? Well, turns out the story involves some very contemporary-sounding issues about vaccines. Caveat: Three different sources give different accounts (others here and here). The latter is the most dramatic and so much at cross-purposes to the other two that it makes one’s head spin. Or maybe it’s just government spin. Hm. I’ve heard sociopaths sound sound just like this after being caught: trivializing the pain…


Uh oh. We’re the new “extremist threat”

When I first saw this article this morning, I didn’t pay a lot of attention and didn’t read all the way to the end. Seriously now, what comes to mind when you hear that somebody sent letters to state governors telling them to resign in three days or “be removed”? Idiotic, moronic, and blindingly stupid are words that spring into the brain, yes? Along with the clever concept of “painting a target on your own back.” Ho hum. But I should have read on. It turns out that people like me — and very likely, people like you — are…


“We are everywhere”

… says Mike Vanderboegh. And, if his idea catches on, that means even within the IRS, thanks to the health-care bill, with its need for thousands of new agents to enforce our state-defined well-being. Damn good post. Also, with tip o’ the hat to Wendy McElroy …


The times they are a changin’

Yep. Times are a changin’. And the Times it is a changin’ — even if only slightly. Ten years ago, the New York Times published a snarky piece about that tiny group of loons and wackos who objected to census snoopery. Among other things, the author, Gail Collins, quoted my pal Jim Bovard. Here’s a portion of her snarkfest: How many of you out there have strong reservations about the United States Census? May I see a show of hands? I thought so. Everybody’s cool. Once again, the radio talk-show circuit has plunged us into a violent debate about an…


A Pict Song

Still need some bucking up after Sunday’s ObamaCare disaster? Well, here’s one small reminder that even we ignored and “powerless” individuals can — and will prevail. Okay. Maybe not exactly in our most idealized way …


“Help” the census!

An anonymous correspondent chides me: You’re WRONG, Claire! You shouldn’t be slyly urging readers to resist the census. Instead, we should be helping the census, just as all the ads and promos say. I live in a rural area in [state deleted] and I noticed that dedicated census workers had hung forms in big white baggies on the doorknobs of dozens of places I knew to be either abandoned or mere weekend or vacation cabins for people who live in cities. You don’t think all that effort should go to waste, do you? I sure don’t! So I helped the…


Another reason to dis the census

I’m still traveling, but now I’m in a place where I can satisfy my news addiction. It seems that a lot of 10-year-old articles about the census are turning up right now. Which isn’t a bad thing (though some of them should have been updated first and most should be more clearly marked for what they are). Ran across this one by Dave Kopel that reminds of yet another reason to tell the census-taker to go to hell: because information about you will be sold to marketers and some of it could quite easily be personally identifiable. The main thing…

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Will Grigg: The most liberating word

I expect a lot of people will have already seen this piece from the amazing Will Grigg today. But I just had to have it here for posterity. “The most liberating word” is NO. (And would that the Rs really were “the party of no,” as the Ds have taken to calling them. Then we might have a shot at political freedom. Instead, the responsibility of “no” falls to us.)