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Month: May 2011

Tuesday miscellany

Well. That didn’t take long. Vanity Fair decrees that anybody who doesn’t believe the fedgov’s every word on the death of Osama Bin Laden is a member of the tinfoil hat brigade. I don’t know what really happened. You don’t know what really happened. But we’re apparently nuts simply because … get ready for it … we suspect the federal government doesn’t always tell the exact, absolute truth about everything! Remember yesterday’s moronic economic analysis from the Washington Post? I think there’s a conspiracy between that guy and this NY Times opinionator. Two people just can’t be that stupid in…


Three you’ll want to read

It’s a young-adult series of books whose heroine is a not-totally likable teenage girl. Despite her flaws, she’s beloved by two handsome hunks, both of whom are brave and noble and fascinating. But not to worry. I’m not talking about Bella, Edward, and Jacob or any of their silly, horribly written ilk. The three on my mind do one hell of a lot more than play “vampire baseball” (whatever that is). Two inadvertently spark a revolution, in which all three play a part. And never fear, macho guys, the love triangle supports the story; it doesn’t take up hundreds of…


Monday miscellany

A couple of good (if belated) think-pieces following the iSpy (and everybody else’s phone spies, too) flap: “We are all being tracked now. What should we do about that?” And “Who owns your location?” Bradley Manning is no longer in solitary. Sheesh. If this is what passes for “intelligent” economic commentary in the WashPost, no wonder the MSM is going down the tubes. This dude can’t even effectively knock down his own straw man. If you don’t frown, you don’t feel sad. Dunno if I believe that, but Botox studies point that way. From the same compilation of psychological insights…