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Month: December 2011

Two on Ron Paul

New poll: Paul is above the rest in Iowa. Can he win New Hampshire? Money quote from the latter: “If those two unexpected events do occur, then all hell will rain down upon the Paulistas. The GOP establishment will throw everything including the kitchen sink, the garage door opener, and two dozen pair of oversized baboon dentures at Paul to keep him from becoming the nominee.” Never mind that it makes no difference; what a drama it would be.


Let it snow

🙂 Go over to Google and type in the words “let it snow.” Watch what happens. Wait a few more minutes, then use your cursor to write on the window. If you then really want to use Google (instead of, say StartingPage) you may have to “defrost” your screen.


About that fourth box

It really doesn’t seem right to bring this up just before Christmas. Peace on earth and all that. But when Wendy McElroy linked to this article the other day, I knew I’d been remiss. When somebody has to write from Europe asking Americans if its time to resort to the infamous “fourth box” of freedom, I weird keeping my mouth shut or only mildly opinionating about the latest horror-news. When even Obama’s once-dedicated supporters are this angry over the tyrannical perfidy of peace-prize pols … it’s time. No, I’m not saying, “It’s time” in the sense of that phrase that…


Monday miscellany

Trust him or not? That’s a good question. Me, I think Stephen Glass has more than earned a “trust, but verify” status. But not honest enough to be a lawyer???. Please tell me you’re joking. Well That was predictable. A black market in Cheetos. I nearly tossed my Christmas cookies yesterday when, at the local general store, I ran across tree ornaments that said, “Police officers: Angels on earth.” Among other things, I had no idea angels were prone to this kind of blatant cronyism. (Of course, I’m sure those little tags, just like these, will be used only for…


Tea party day

No, not the Tea Party of the sort that recently sent a bunch of neo-connish politicians to Congress. The real one the original Boston tea party. (As Bennie so kindly pointed out in a comment.) And yesterday, of course, was Bill of Rights Day. Which I didn’t bother to highlight because … well, what’s the point of putting a spotlight on a rotting corpse, unless you’re directing a horror film?

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Christopher Hitchens is dead

Through the years, people who knew him told me he was a babbling drunk. Others hated him for his intransigent atheism. After 9-11, he defended some pretty awful political ideas. Yet to the end of his days he remained one of the most readable, gutsy, iconoclastic and strong-minded writers. His repeated debunkings of Mother Teresa were a breath of fresh air — not because the old nun was a bad woman (good or bad, I really don’t know; no doubt a mixed bag like all of us), but because she was the subject of absurdly unhealthy adulation and mythologizing. He…


Friday miscellany

J.D. Tuccille’s High Desert Barbecue gets a sterling review from Britain’s Sean Gabb. Well, here’s a cheery thought about the current economic mess. Probably true, too. Encouraging sites to offer PayPal alternatives. Good idea. Be sure to follow the links to the PayPal (or PayPal/fedgov) horror stories. Who knew that SF writer George R.R. Martin is a terrorist? Jim Bovard exposes the post office. News from Dave’s blog: Backwoods Home is now on Kindle. The headline on this one was (of course), “It’s not what it looks like! I can explain!”