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Month: March 2012

Weekend miscellany

From a recent comment section: Here’s advice from a guy who found himself on the receiving end of other peoples’ hurricane bug-outs. A family of six chronicles how and why they live on $28,000 per year. Its governor willing, South Dakota will join the states that have (something close to) constitutional carry. Naturally, the brave defenders of the people object. Maybe with good reason. “Quietly, Quietly, the Revolution Arrives.” I’ve been saving this up to use in a related ramble of my own. But it’s getting around and Wendy’s essay is too brilliant to neglect. Here’s the latest mini-clip from…


Burning in the camps

Seventy years ago today, March 2, 1942, a guy you’ve probably never heard of, Gen. John L. DeWitt, issued a proclamation that would steal the rights of more than 100,000 people, most of them American citizens. Two weeks earlier, President Franklin Roosevelt, had signed Executive Order 9066 authorizing military commanders, at their will, to designate zones “from which any or all persons may be excluded.” Roosevelt never mentioned the Japanese, or Americans of Japanese ancestry. No, he kept his hands and his reputation clean. It was DeWitt who issued Public Proclamation No. 1, creating Military Area No. 1. It covered…


High crimes

Always true, but especially relevant right now. The NDAA with its “lock ’em up and throw away the key” atrocities became effective as of last night. And now we get to “look forward” to HR 347 unless Obama suddenly grows a conscience and a respect for the Bill of Rights. (H/T JS)


Thursday miscellany

Real world disaster preparedness. The other day in comments, clark posted this link to a Katrina survivor’s experience and observations. Very much worth a read. I particularly liked this page that sums it all up. Simple, clever experiment reveals why we need to keep moving for health’s sake. One of the reasons, anyhow. Murphy’s Law. Your chances of a screw-up can now be calculated. Except … er … doesn’t Murphy’s Law ensure that the calculations are likely to be screwed up? “Hijacking the General Welfare Clause.” Historical research from wonderful new blogger AgoristDon. Better than a cop? Deer saves woman…