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Month: April 2012

Friday miscellany

Stuff I’ve been collecting for you while having the living room flooring done, ripping siding off the house, and extracting rusted bicycles from the foliage.* Oh, and deadlining, too. “Neighbors confront alcoholic child abuser about his lawn.” (Don’t worry, it’s only The Onion this time.) Not that you actually needed proof that government is filled with idiots … An ISP that puts privacy first? Did you know there was a U.S. holiday called Loyalty Day? I didn’t. But it’s coming right up. Clearly we need to celebrate! “Born this way.” This article would be fascinating if it admitted the existence…


O wad some Pow’r

O wad some Pow’r the giftie gie us To see oursels as others see us –Robert Burns There’s a new book out called Leak: Why Mark Felt Became Deep Throat. (Deep Throat being the secret revelator to Woodward & Bernstein during Watergate, not the … um, well, you know.) I’m first in line for it when my library gets it. From all I’ve read, its central claim is that Felt — the #2 man at the FBI — was bitter at being passed over for the #1 spot and became Deep Throat solely out of ambition and a desire to…


Spring, sickness, andhome-improvement therapy

Saturday I learned that one of my dearest friends has inoperable pancreatic cancer. Even in this day of improving cancer treatments, the odds on that particular type are … well, better than the odds of winning MegaMillions, but worse than almost every other type of cancer. On the good side, she’s got a partner who loves her and is capable of taking care of her. She’s also got one of the world’s great daughters, who flew thousands of miles to be here as soon as she heard. But all things considered, that’s not much of a good side. It occurs…


Monday miscellany

That waitress who naively turned her $12k tip over to the cops? She’s getting her money back despite police claims that the cash … um, yeah, um … “smells like marijuana so we have to keep it, you know, for your own good.” (Amazing how self-congratulatory the jerks manage to be even after the whole country beat up on them for stealing from the poor woman.) Oh, Arizona, the silliness of your legislators never ends, does it? Now they’re trying to declare that you can be pregnant up to two weeks before having sex. Too late! Too late! You missed…


Update: A county’s war on the little guy

Last June, I posted about a Southern California county’s all-out war on the little guy — and the little guy’s property rights. At the time, nobody was really sure why thuggish “code enforcement” teams were rampaging across the Antelope Valley, evicting homeowners and demanding that people tear down their homes. But we shouldn’t be surprised to learn that it turns out to be yet another post-Kelo landgrab by a government on behalf of government cronies. (H/T to S for the update.) This time it’s the so-called green energy industry. And how can you blame them? After they get billions in…


Wednesday miscellany

Your hilarious dog story of the day, courtesy of naturegirl. (Which probably would have ended up much less hilarious had American cops been the ones doing the window smashing.) And so I don’t neglect you cat people, here. It’s not funny or even particularly dramatic. Just cuuuuuuuuute. Not so cute: The U.S. standard of living has fallen more than 50 percent. Depending on how you look at it. I hope I don’t ever have to do that. Especially when I’m 80. A big hurtful, annoying EFF-U to Arizona, spoken as only Ken from Popehat can speak write. Two for the…


Does it strike anybody else as hysterical

… that now that the Supremes appear to be negative on Obamacare left-types oppose an “activist judiciary” and “legislating from the bench”? Haven’t they been cheerleaders for exactly that for lo these many decades? Aren’t they the folks who’ve always said the Constitution is a “living document” that means whatever it’s interpreted to mean at the moment? Oh. Wait. I forgot. That’s only because the decisions have nearly always gone in their favor. Chutzpah.


Feds raid Oaksterdam University

B&^%$#@s. Obama could have stopped all these fed raids years ago with … what, a memo to each agency? One executive order? (Because one of the few legitimate purposes of EOs is to set executive policies and instruct federal agencies.) But nooooo. Presidents come and go. Bureaucratic fiefdoms remain impregnable. And their minions grow ever-nastier. ADDED: Mother Jones has a pretty good take on this, too. And they don’t spare Obama. In fact, they point out that he is actually outpacing the Busheviks in number of raids. Ain’t that just the way it goes? Ratcheting, ratcheting ever tighter. Time once…


Dog politics, floor finishing, and a vast desire to lie on the beach in Tahiti

It’s not that fostering a dog is a full-time occupation — although dealing with the politics of a canine pack can be as consuming as (though much more honest and direct than) dealing with human politics. I have Robbie — normally the bully of the bunch, but this time remaining blessedly aloof. Clearly he believes introduction of a new female is a problem to be worked out solely by the girls. There’s Nadja. She’s low dog on the totem pole, but those few privileges she can claim for her own are hers, by damn. She’ll even head Robbie away from…