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Month: April 2012

Monday miscellany

Of course! This is exactly what the U.S. needs: a federal government that can do more. Now why didn’t we think of that? How exactly does a “civil servant” steal $30 million from a town of 12,000? Ten completely ridiculous (and not necessarily SFW) road signs. (Tip o’ hat to C^2.) SOPA is dead. Long live CISPA! Or maybe we should say SOPA is dead; will somebody fer cryin’ out loud put a stake in its heart and bury it at the crossroads??? Does that take-away-your-passport-if-you-haven’t-paid-your-taxes law that’s making its way through Congress also give the IRS the authority to…


A question for you car people

Sorry to use the blog for something obscure and personal. But I’ve got a car-parts question that’s puzzling me. And I’ll bet anything one or more of you geniuses can help. I’ve acquired an old beater car that needs work. Specifically it needs a new ignition coil. I’m buying my own online because the auto shop’s price was more than I can justify for this vehicle. The part they want is a Standard (SMP) UF355. If I buy that brand, the absolute lowest price I’ve found is $122 (including shipping cost). That’s lower than the shop’s price. However, I see…


Justice for Cisco

Cop goes to wrong house. Draws gun on innocent man. Murders man’s dog. Now friends are trying to get justice. I usually leave the puppycide blogging to Radley Balko; I can’t bear it. But this is — was — a beautiful cattle dog, and those have been so much on the blog lately. In fact, I see Balko has blogged two puppycide cases today, including this one. The other one was also a heeler mix. Well, the more this news travels, the better. Justice for Cisco. Stop the vicious coward cops. ADDED: Civil Rights Examiner article with details from someone…


GeigerRig hydration packs

I ran into these GeigerRig hydration packs at Costco this weekend. Not a regularly stocked item, but a “traveling road show.” I’ll say right out that they’re pricy. OTOH, this is without a doubt the coolest backpack hydration system I’ve ever seen. * It’s pressurized so you’ll “never suck again.” (I hate sucking on those things, especially when I’m panting from climbing a hill.) The water squirts. So in addition to drinking, you could use it to spray-cool yourself, clean a wound, wash a utensil, or even squirt the dog or the kids. * There’s an optional inline water filter…


The heartless pig slaughter goes on

The slaughter continues. In Michigan, farmers are killing their own pigs out of fear of their state government. Here’s an account from Natural News. But resistance is building. Here’s email from Greg “Moose Man” Johnson (forwarded by D; original capitilization and punctuation retained; a few redundant or personal passages cut): DNR has Breached Bio-security at two Heritage Breed Farms Big Green trucks containing a specialized task force of DNR agents has rolled across Deer Tracks Ranch and Renegade Ranch this past week. Yes, there are dozens of Dead Pigs in Michigan. This needless slaughter of innocent pigs rest solely on…


Sweetie’s journey continues

Thanks to you all, the journey of Sweetie the deaf heeler continues — with each step taking her nearer to a happy forever home. I picked Sweetie up at the Portland airport two weeks ago and fostered her until Linda, a real cattle dog expert, could take her on. Today my wonderful vet and I (who were going to be traveling together anyhow) met up with Linda and transferred Sweetie into her care. Here you see this “vicious animal who can’t be trusted around dogs or strangers” greeting her new housemate Sam. I’m no expert, but in my time with…


Chicken crimes

So you thought the National Animal Identification system was dead? Silly, silly you. Meet Traceability for Livestock Moving Interstate and … “Chicken Crimes.” (Tip o’ hat to Dan Adams of Earthineer.)


Two (almost belated) birthdays!

How could I have almost let this day go by without celebrating the birthdays of two historic rebels? MJR writes to inform me that on this day in 1570, Guy Fawkes was born. Never mind that he was merely a Catholic monarchist; he’s the inspiration for much marvelously modern mayhem. Not to mention well, you know. And of course April 13, 1743, is the date our own Thomas Jefferson entered the world. Not only was he the grandest writer among all our revolutionaries (Thomas Paine being his only rival), but he’s also,according to Charles Curley, the Patron Saint of the…

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