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Month: December 2012

The sorrows of the rational empath

Talking with a number of people around the blog, I’ve discovered a lot of us are having a hard time right now. It’s probably gotten worse since we’ve been bombarded with (and even indirectly blamed for) the slaughter of the children in Connecticut. But for many of us, the times (and our moods) were already rough. Maybe the election triggered it. Maybe the incessant war-mongering of the last 11 years. Maybe the latest “blessing” from the Department of Homeland (Achtung!) Security. Maybe Christmas or the dark skies. But if angst and depression are contagious, they’re definitely going around. One grown…


This is the week we all die

Well, folks, this is it. Friday it’s all over. Zap. Kaput. This weary old Earth and all of us with it — gone. Even though I don’t believe a word of it, sometimes I think it couldn’t happen to a more deserving planet. And as to that lame, feel-good theory that the Earth isn’t really going blooey, but is just going to go through a tribulation, with the survivors (i.e. the people holding the theory) going to emerge full of peace, love, and enlightenment … yeah. You just tell me when peace, love, and enlightenment have ever lasted more than…


More thoughts on the evil

Via BW. —– I’m not sufficiently paranoid to believe things like the following. But that may be because I’m not sufficiently paranoid. An anonymous friend (who is not notably paranoid, either) writes: Bless me, Father, For I have sinned. The news I saw this AM was that the next global warming report by the UN IPCC had been leaked. Leaking blows their favorite tactic out of the water. SOP is to release a heavily politicized “summary” written by politicians and parasites for politicians and parasites. The press and .gov types lap it up. Three months later, the actual report written…



I’d like to believe that murdering a room full of kindergarteners a few days before Christmas is a great an evil as human beings are capable of. I want to feel sympathy, and empathy, for the poor children, their parents, their schoolmates, and everyone harmed by the bastard who did this thing. I’m glad he’s dead. I wish his evil could be buried with him — and a stake driven through its heart. But we all know that a greater evil is very much alive — and filled with glee. We all know there’s worse to come. And it’s going…


Let’s talk email encryption

I used to nudge people toward encrypting their emails. “Encrypt everything!” I’d burble. “Even your cookie recipes! It protects privacy and drives ‘them’ crazy!” “Quick! Easy!” I continued to burble as I wrote “The Hardyville Beginner’s Guide to Encrypt**n” lo those many years ago (now obsolete, which is why no link). I eventually quit burbling. It’s not that I quit favoring encryption. I just got tired of hearing, “It’s too haaaaaaaaaaard.” I got tired of, “Well, if you want me to encrypt my emails to you, you’ll have to show me how.” Since I might have been the only person…


It’s just hell to live in a place …

… where crab is so plentiful people have to give away their surplus. Thank you, furrydoc! I haven’t opened and eaten a whole crab since I was 19. And that was on a beach in San Francisco, where the crab was accompanied by large torn chunks of French bread and I was accompanied by … a tall, dark stranger. Might not have the ambiance this time and my dinner companions will all be short, four-legged and hairy. But this’ll be a delicious adventure.