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Month: December 2012

Another round of thanks

Speaking of Amazon (as unfortunately we were earlier today), I owe another round of thanks! For the DVD of one of my old faves, Lagaan, another thank you to the ever-generous Anonymous. And I’ll enjoy stevia-sweetened ketchup for a long time to come thanks to RB. “Mmmmmm!” say the dogs. “Peanut butter-flavored rawhides. Woof-woof, MC!” And JG & Family … that cool collapsible steel cup is going straight into my bug-out bag as soon as it’s finished complementing my Christmas tree. I had to close my Amazon wish list and will never be able to use it again. But you…


Wednesday links

You’ve heard people sneering about PETA protestors attacking society women for wearing fur but refraining from attacking outlaw bikers for wearing leather. Well … what if … (H/T MJR) Apocalyptic dog food for your best friend’s bug-out bag. “The Luxury of Anger” and how gun carriers hold themselves to a higher standard. Well said, Caleb. So where’s Bob Costas and his sanctimonious ranting now? How far off the fiscal cliff will you fall, if it comes to that? Even before the election, fans of cannabis in Washington state were worried about DUI provisions of the law that could get people…


Amazon plays dirty

If you’ve ever sent me anything from, please do me a favor. Right now, while you’re thinking of it, go and delete me from your Amazon address book.* This is important. Amazon just denied me one of the biggest single commissions I would ever have received. Their reason? As boilerplated by someone signing itself David T: I found some of the items, including the [expensive item in question], listed in your account’s Orders Report were flagged by our system as ineligible for Associates advertising fees. Due to the proprietary nature of the way we make these determinations, we can’t…


The anti-snitch book rolls on

The subject of Michael W. Dean (earlier post today) arose because Michael let me know that he and Neema Vedadi pimped our free anti-snitch book, Rats! in their recent Freedom Feens podcast, “Gentlemen, you can’t fight in here. This is the pod room. That’s not the only comment Rats! earned in the last week or so. A gentleman (I presume he’s a gentleman) named Butzy, who has some interesting background, wrote (with slight cleanup by me; I don’t think English is Butzy’s native language): Good primer. But most important, as you said but not really, do it by yourself. You…


New stuff from Michael W. Dean

Hey. Free movies. The very accomplished Michael W. Dean has a new video out. You know Michael from the Freedom Feens podcast and his earlier film Guns And Weed: The Road To Freedom.* And from interviews I did with him and his fellow conspirator Neema Vedadi back in 2010 (starting here). Now he’s back with an instructional video for beginning shooters, Gun Training With The Non-aggression Principle, Vol 1.* Here’s a trailer: Yeah, I know everybody will argue about this technique or that. Gunfolk always do. But it’s an intriguing idea, linking firearms training to the non-aggression principle. Ha! That’ll…


What’ll Obama do about pot legalization?

Really good Rolling Stone article on that question. Bottom line: nobody knows. But I’m gonna predict that even if the murderous drug-thugs in DC succeed (with the encouragement of murderous drug-thugs in Mexico) in crushing Washington and Colorado, this is a battle that, in the long run, they are not going to win.


Getting to simplicity

“By doing just a little every day, I can gradually let the task completely overwhelm me.” — Ashleigh Brilliant This is just a ramble. Not sure where it’s going to go … A long time ago I decided that keys — yeah, the kind on a key ring — would be a good measure of how successful I was at simplifying my life. I figured getting down to one key would mean I’d made it. At zero, I’d probably be living in a cave, and I’ve never hankered for that version of “simplicity.” Closest I ever got was two. I…


Two new Kindle books by friends of the blog

Two new Kindle books this week from friends of Living Freedom! Jim Bovard’s long-awaited memoir, Public Policy Hooligan. It’s the story of how a boy from the sticks went to Washington, DC, and made enemies in high places. And David Haywood Young’s novel of poker players, love, crime, Gypsies, and mystery, Pagan Sex. (You remember David from his earlier first novel Shiver on the Sky.) Sheesh, I wish I were 1/10th as prolific as he is!