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Month: December 2012

Tax sale: just how immoral would it be …

So. The county recently had a sale on properties foreclosed for non-payment of taxes. I’ve never paid attention to such things before, considering any form of tax sale or asset-forfeiture sale to be out of moral bounds. This time somebody pointed out that two of the parcels up for sale were hilltop acreages near the end of winding dirt roads. Not far from this neighborhood in miles, but a world away in possibilities. I went so far as to look them up online and do some sighing over them. Of course I didn’t consider bidding. But I admit that was…


Calling on Kindle wizards for some quick & simple magic

Jim Bovard is about to go e-live with his long-awaited memoir. He’s been assisted by a helpful volunteer Kindle wizard. But there’s one glitch left. He needs some simple formatting assistance ASAP and that volunteer isn’t available. If you can help real soon, just go on over to Jim’s blog. I know he’ll be very grateful. You can tell him I promised you a comp copy of his book. 🙂


It’s now LEGAL

As bad as things are getting in some ways, did you ever think you’d see cops deliberately turning a blind eye to this? As of midnight last night, smoking cannabis is legal in Washington state for anybody over 21. It’s not legal to smoke in public, but police ignored revelers toking beneath the Space Needle last night. Partly because nobody yet knows what the penalty’s supposed to be. Partly … well, just because. In fact the official line from the Seattle PD is: Does this mean you should flagrantly roll up a mega-spliff and light up in the middle of…


Have some Christmas weirdness

And if you liked that (and only if you liked that): If you didn’t like that, you’re probably going WTF??? about now. Well, to each his own. The other night, I watched the full-length feature that grew out of these strange little shorts. And I tell you, if you (like me, apparently) have a completely sick taste for really weird, never-cracks-a-smile, dour Finnish black humor and you think there’s not enough red in Christmas — this could be your new, guaranteed non-Jolly holiday tradition. Did I mention that it’s dour Finnish redneck black humor?


Thursday links

Don’t know how long this will last, but the Kindle edition of Jackie Clay-Atkinson’s Ask Jackie: Canning Basics book is free right now on Amazon. Can be downloaded to any Kindle device, including free Kindle readers for the PC. (Thanks to B for the tip!) (Ooops. Sorry. Apparently the free offer ended just hours after I set up these links.) Speaking of books, anybody read Two Cheers for Anarchism? If so, what did you think of it? Here’s a review. And an Amazon link. It’s by the James C. Scott, same guy who wrote The Art of Not Being Governed…


Let’s have a freedomista, blog-supporter, Christmas, other times, and all-round business directory

I should have thought of this earlier. I really should have. But however belatedly, I think it would be great to create a sort of directory here at the blog for the businesses of supporters of Living Freedom. And other freedomistas. In particular I was thinking about businesses that do national or international shipping and might be good places to go Christmas shopping. But it goes beyond that. NFI on my part for any of these; I just think having a directory of businesses within our Living Freedom community is a good idea. Two come to mind immediately: Hi Mountain…


And another big round of applause to …

… the Santas, secret and otherwise, who are making my Christmas (and Ava’s, Robbie’s, and Nadja’s) so merry: To SR for the mmmmm-delicious “flossies” (aka water buffalo penises). And I hasten to add that it’s the furkids’ opinion of “deliciousness” I’m quoting here. Ain’t catchin’ me anywhere near one o’ them things. To WH for the Aqua Blox — which will not only give me an extra-convenient five-year water storage method, but will enable some experimentation with carrying them in vehicles and such. To MH for the delightfully offbeat film Off the Map — the story of an IRS agent…


So very NOT a guru(and other thoughts on a rainy day)

Your comments on my “How did Grandma do it?” canning post the other day reminded me of yet another thing I like about this blog. Not just the always-interesting and helpful comments (though that, too). But that it’s okay not to know something. Um … lots of somethings, actually. I can be what I am — an ordinary person with all manner of gaps in my knowledge. I’m relieved to be able to get out here and be non-special in front of everybody. And by what I don’t know, I get to help bring out what you do. And there…


Leave it to Tam

Hasn’t it been a sputteringly surreal experience, listening to sports commentators suddenly become “gun control” experts, just because one maladjusted, overly indulged thug … did what thugs do? Leave it to Tam, Mistress of Snark, to know exactly how to respond. (Side note: Why aren’t the “experts” calling just as loudly for compound bow control?)