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Month: February 2013

A little Outlaw cheer

Not sure what got me thinking about this this morning, but as depressing as things have been lately, maybe we need this song’s Outlaw cheer. So here’s “Convoy” for ya. It’s the 1975 hit song about truckers defying authority on a grand cross-country run. (And for we who don’t understand truckerspeak, here’s a little explanation of the lyrics). Better copy of the lyrics here.


Weekend links and pix

With even “safe” states contemplating monstrous anti-gun crap like this, it’s heartening to see firearms and equipment makers (who in the past, with rare exceptions like Barrett, have tended to be compromising weenies), responding like this. (H/T JB) More creepiness. (H/T JG) We need some better news. Dalmatian adopts a spotted lamb that was rejected by its mother. And more good news. A senior pit bull saves her family — human and four-footed from a fire. And here’s a wonderful short-short story from the wonderful Maggie McNeill to brighten your weekend. (Good find, S!) To be published in March, but…


Sandy Sandfort on going ex-pat

The friend I’ve written about before — the one who advocates going expat — is Sandy Sandfort. Sandy is a writer, businessman and soi disant recovering lawyer. Currently, he’s getting ready to relocate from Panama to Chile to work on the Galt’s Gulch Chile community project. You’ll find contact information for him at the bottom of this post. But first, Sandy offered to answer some questions about going offshore. I asked him a few — Q&A below. Please feel free to ask your own questions in the comments. Sandy says he’ll check in to answer, but won’t get into debates…


Wednesday links

Of course you know this video is fake. What’s awesome is how fake it is. Hobbit alerts us to another get-it-free-while-you-can preparedness book: Prepping on a Budget: The frugal survival guide when time matters the most! Parody alert: Small Hispanic women aren’t the only ones (speaking of the “only ones”) cops shot because they looked didn’t look like Madman Dorner. (H/T MWD, and to JS for pointing out that this news is so close to reality that it has to be a joke.) OMFG. Here’s an aspect of cannabis legalization that not many of us considered (when we really should…


Fed up with the safety nazis ….

… who are denaturing science as they’re trying to denature everything else … a Microsoft nerd put a nuclear reactor in his garage and invited smart kids to come play with it. The project aims to reimagine what science class might look like, and nudge dozens of kids into careers in science and technology. It started with a guy named Carl Greninger, and his realization that tight budgets and fear of lawsuits have pushed out much of the fun, dangerous stuff from high school science labs, leaving “nothing sharper than silly putty. “I walked into a classroom and I saw…



I’ve mentioned before that I have a friend, an American ex-pat in Central America, who’s been nagging me for a decade to leave the U.S.. I wrote about him more than a year ago. He’s still nagging (and offering kind assistance); I’m still dithering. In fact, to my discouragement, I discover that I’m at approximately the same stage of dithering I was at when I wrote the linked blog entry above. Inwardly I may have shifted in this direction or that. But I’ve neither said, “Yep, I’m on my way” nor “Nope. Ain’t goin’ and quit bugging me.” Nor am…


Weekend-Monday links

Department of Homeland (Achtung!) Security decides that it’s okey-dokey for the Department of Homeland (Achtung!) Security to continue suspicionless searches of our electronic devices. Why do people never get it? If store shelves look like this after a single snowy weekend, how are they going to look when something really serious hits? (H/T JB) Sheesh. I think we need an adorable dog picture here for a little sanity break. (This one is also H/T JB — but not the same JB 🙂 ) Surely some of us have lefty friends who are nevertheless pro-gun. (Yes, they still exist.) Here’s a…


How to Build the Perfect Bug-Out Bag

I have no idea how good this book is (though it has 41 mostly highly positive reviews). I have no idea how long it’ll be offered for $0.00. But thanks to a heads-up from Hobbit, here you go: How to Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag. For your Kindle or your free faux Kindle reader. $0.00 as I post this.