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Month: February 2013

Thursday links

Bad grammar. It makes better passwords. (H/T J for several of today’s items.) Even in Wyoming the politicians are wimpy on guns. And in Idaho: without freaking clue. Yeah, force freedom on people; that’s the way to do it. The most important thing on the Internet. (Tip o’ hat to C^2) I think I’d trust this cool and easy-sounding new encryption more if the company that created it weren’t based in Washington, DC. (H/T MJR) ‘Nother example of how the D’s just build on tyrannical crap the R’s started. And vice versa, of course. (Via yet another one of those…



During yesterday’s WRSA roundtable, I noted that there’s a lot of crossover of interests between gun owners and hackers, and that similar crossovers could lead to surprising freedom alliances (or at least complementary efforts). A commenter was kind enough to find that a brilliant observation (thank you). To me, though, it was just something that’s … there. Though only a minority of gun owners are likely to be serious freedomistas, my guess is that the majority of serious hackers are libertarians or anarchists. And they either own guns, support our right to do so, or at least understand the role…


Tuesday links

Police get banned from a Vermont shooting range. And the FBI gets banned from Iceland. We can only go on wishing the ATF would get banned from the universe. And that the Pentagon could be kept out of the world’s computers. I fear this is much more ominous than it seems. OTOH, maybe we can foil snoops in part with the idioms we use. I never thought I’d side with the operators of red-light cameras. But in this case … But of course, the USPS is certainly not all bad. Finally, Jim Bovard borrows a marketing spiel from The Onion.…


Western Rifle Shooters Roundtable (Today!)

Y’all might want to spend time at the Western Rifle Shooters blog this morning and early afternoon. There’s going to be a roundtable discussion going on. It’ll begin about 9:00 10:00 a.m. EST with a group of notable freedomistas (which includes me and I don’t know who else, though I’ve heard rumors of some great gunfolk) speculating about the present and future of freedom in the U.S. Around 10:30 or 11:00 (or ?) EST, “Concerned American,” the doyen of WRSA, will be opening up comments. Readers will be able to use comments to ask us questions. The whole thing will…


Obama the gun guy

Did the White House really, really, really release a photo of Obama awkwardly “shooting skeet” and issue an order not to Photoshop it? Yes, they did that. Turns out the “no-Photoshop” order is standard with all official WH photos. But that doesn’t make it any less hysterical. And of course, the entire blogosphere immediately read that as an invitation. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha (or maybe not so ha, but there were justifiably a lot on this theme) And this theme, too Ha And another bitter ha (H/T c.h., c-b, and a bunch o’ others.)



Whoohoo! Somebody has made a video adaptation of F. Paul Wilson’s 1978 story, “Lipidleggin’.” Wilson (a physician when he’s not writing great, freedom-tinged supernatural fiction) wrote it back in the day when the fedgov insisted margarine was just the healthiest thing in the whole, wide world — which somehow makes it even more amusing now. Thanks to Jim Bovard for finding and sharing the link with me on what appears to be the very first day the video went on YouTube. And thanks to John Marc Green & Company for making it.


Virtual Sports Show — support the gutsy vendors

You remember the gutsy vendors who boycotted the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show when its British organizers decided to appease the DiFi crowd and ban ugly guns at the last minute. The size and power of the boycott eventually got the show shut down. Now a virtual sports show just for the boycotting vendors is online. Please give them your support by buying outdoor supplies from them during this event. The sale includes a ton of stuff — archery equipment, boats, outdoor clothing, power sports equipment, gun gear (of course), taxidermy, guide services, food, log homes, and more. The virtual…