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Month: March 2014

In furrin parts

Cheers and thanks to Texans, Wyoming Mamas, and all who extended invites to stop by while “on the road.” But I now confess that “road” was a slight misnomer. I am in furrin parts. The only “road” portions of the trip were the three-hour drive to the airport in the dark in a storm (have I mentioned before that I hate to travel?) and the hair-raising drive from the airport to a B&B with a driver to whom my language was as furrin as his was to me. (“Donde you?” “Vengo Washington state, USA.” “Ah, Barack Obama, El Presidente!” “No,…


On the road

I’m going to be on the road for the next week. I’ll have my computer with me and rumor is that I should have a good wifi connection at least part of the time. We’ll see how that rumor pans out. Just in case, I’ve asked Webmaster Oliver to check in on Living Freedom periodically to approve pending comments and put out any fires. You should still be hearing from me soon, assuming those rumors about wifi are true. But if I get quiet, don’t worry. P.S. That’s also why I blogged about Brink of Freedom yesterday. If I can’t…


Oh, this is funny

The Cato Institute has submitted an amicus brief to the U.S. Supreme Court written by P.J. O’Rourke. Real brief. Really hysterical. The topic: Whether a state can criminalize (get this!) lying about candidates during political campaigns. The brief opens: INTRODUCTION AND SUMMARY OF ARGUMENT “I am not a crook.” “Read my lips: no new taxes!” “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” “Mission accomplished.” “If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep it.” While George Washington may have been incapable of telling a lie, his successors have not had the same integrity. The campaign promise (and its…


Brink of Freedom

Lovely subject line, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t describe where the political world stands (no surprise). But it does describe a cool new website and a beautifully laid-out and informative digital magazine.

Brink of Freedom is a great place. It combines a freedomista attitude, high energy, and useful self-sufficiency how-tos.

Michael W. Dean of Freedom Feens turned me on to the site and introduced me to its founder, Josiah Wallingford. (Don’t you love that name?)

Go check it out for yourself. It’s the kind of place you could spend hours. But while you’re here, here’s a little background Q&A with Josiah, as well as links to pdfs of BoF’s January and February editions:


Tuesday links

Man now living in the house of the lawyer who ripped him off. Sweet revenge. Boeing makes smart phones??? Who knew? Apparently this one self-destructs if tampered with. I’m not a sports person and I never heard of Dean Smith. But this is a touching tribute for a good man. Do seven people really control the security of the Internet? (H/T JB) Antimatter beams. Ho hum. So commonplace. (H/T JB) The most expensive eviction in NYC history. It involved the Mayflower Hotel, a cranky old hermit, and a room with a view. Quite a tale.


Monday links

Inside Her Majesty’s Listening Service. Britain’s GCHQ, NSA’s partner in crime. (H/T JG) Are Bitcoins really just two-bit tulips? Arizona city to checkpoint operators: Get out of town. “Where’s their nerve? Today’s comics mock poop, not the powerful.” Truth. Well spoken. The 15 best movies that didn’t win Oscars. Some good ones in there.


The Entrapment of Jesse Snodgrass

Targeting special-needs high school students. This is what drug warriors consider “success.” From Rolling Stone. —– While at RS, I saw that Matt Taibbi is leaving for the new First Look media. Man, that’s quite a stable of provocative reporters they’re building over there.