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Month: July 2014

Thursday links

Ha! There’s some nice road-rage poetic justice for ya. The pink police state. How the country becomes more authoritarian and rule-bound at the same time some personal behaviors become more “allowed.” Another scientific study that proves what’s blatantly obvious to dog people: dogs get jealous. (HRH Princess Ava Prettypaws has spent her whole life trying to insert herself between me and any other critter I ever pay attention to.) Radley Balko on victim disarmament and race. I’m so glad to see Radley’s vital work in the Washington Post. Aw, do poo widdle senator. Him suffering so much him dust had…


Canvas fingerprinting and evercookies: something new to beware of

You may have been hearing about it since yesterday: the new way of profiling your computer (and, with enough other data, you) without leaving either traditional cookies or flash cookies on your system. Those cookies you can get rid of. The new “evercookie” you can’t even see — although your own system created it on orders from a site or sites you visited. The underlying technique is “canvas fingerprinting.” Here’s some not-too-geeky info on how it works. Using TOR apparently helps, but not completely. Firefox’s wonderful NoScript add-on does the trick. It prevents a nasty little company called AddThis from…


Wednesday links

“I know where your cat has been.” Yes, even your cat pictures aren’t safe from Internet snoopers. It’s time for conservatives to stop defending the police. Actually, it’s way, way, way past time. But the article is still a good beginning. (H/T Sipsey Street) Sometimes early birds are too early. But ohboy do I understand wanting to “pick up the bucket” just to cross it off the to-do list. That was a monster body blow Obamacare took yesterday. Not likely to be fatal, though we can hope. I don’t know who did it or why. But the elaborate white-flag operation…


Slow brain and harbingers of things to come for my beloved doggie

I don’t know if it was the weather (muggy and overcast) or lack of rest (waking at 2:00 a.m. and not going back to sleep), but over the weekend I was useless. I couldn’t move myself to do the simplest task. Anything requiring actual thought was out of the question.

Then yesterday morning it was as if somebody hit a switch. I zipped, roared, zoomed, and accomplished stuff all day.

So much for energetic days, though.


Monday links

My problem with people who agree with me. P.J. O’Rourke on libertarians. 🙂 Surely you’ve all heard the story now about the Florida father who came home to find the 18-year-old babysitter diddling his 11-year-old son. But the pictures are priceless and should serve as an object lesson for … the kind of people who badly need object lessons. Bovard: “Sweet Land of Growing Indifference.” Ha! And I thought I knew a few people who were obsessed with getting reward points on their credit cards. Top this, guys. So the ATF is so bad at solving “gun crimes” (or so…


Friday Freedom Question: What would be on your “mixtape”?

Via jed: Artist sends the National Spy Agency a super-encrypted “mixtape.” So why would Huerta create a mixtape no one else could open? Well for one, there’s no worry that someday he’ll regret sending our nation’s protectors a whole bunch of mushy love songs that will sound really, really cheesy 10 years from now. Oh, and there’s this, which he posted on his Medium blog: “The NSA can read my stupid Facebook updates but without my consent it will never be able to listen to my kick-ass mix tape, even if it’s sitting right in front of them.” Actually, that…


Midweek links

Of mostly more-or-less good news this time. Turnabout. Toddler saves old guy locked in a hot car. Lowes employees do what the VA won’t. Strangers respond to a grieving father’s request to photoshop a picture of his baby who lived only six weeks. “The State of the American Dog.” The pit bull, that is. Okay, and now back to the more usual ranting. So let me get this straight. She’ll be drawn and written by guys and she’ll have the standard, obligatory gigantic plasticy-looking boobs, without which no female is allowed to enter the action comics/movie universe. But turning an…


Anybody have any idea …?

… what these are? Or more pertinently, how they were originally used? They’re tin and appear to be of a kind and vintage with old stamped metal ceilings. I picked up a baggie full of them at a thrift store yesterday for $1.50 and despite what I said about using only items already on hand, I think they’ll have a place in my funky table project. I see gold spray paint in their future. But I’m curious about their history and purpose.


Tuesday links

Honesty is the best policy will screw up your life. When what you’re being honest about is firearms. Powerfully sad article from Nicki Kenyon at JPFO. The above is also an example of what can happen when you entrust government with your rights. So is this. Activist, denied “shall-issue” carry permit, needs help fighting back. (H/T MWD) Target security officer spots shoplifter. Takes standard action. Turns out shoplifter is a cop. Guess who gets fired? Carjacker forces way into vehicle with gun. Intended victim grabs it and shoots him. (This is also a case of another carjacker flummoxed by a…