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Month: October 2015

I try to avoid thinking about proposed legislation

I really do. But sometimes the combination of Orwell and Rand becomes too obtrusive to bear. To wit: the CISA blowup. The gloriously bipartisan Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act of 2015, sponsored by freedom-loving Republican Richard Burr (NC) and — guess who? — our old friend Dianne Feinstein (D-Control Freak) would “allow” tech companies to “voluntarily” share information about their customers with the federal “security” apparatus “so it can be analyzed for signs of lawbreaking – be it computer related or not.” Companies that “volunteer” would be given legal immunity against angry customers. But as the linked article in The Register…


Thursday links

Funny; “job stress” never caused me to get drunk and bite anybody’s you-know-whats. A bad day at work ever had that effect on you? A bad year? (H/T jed in comments) Speaking of the you-know-whats: Nicki gives a “gun owner who favors gun control” a kick in his. Medical costs going up-up-up? Well, we all know they have been. But more recently, if these stats are correct, medical costs have stabilized. Medical insurance costs, OTOH … Be sure to register that drone you get for Christmas. Did Congress pass a law about this? Article fails to mention such. ADDED: Some…


Plumbing: the good, the bad, and the ugly

The good news is that the plumber arrived at 8:00, worked straight through to 1:30 without a break (love that work ethic!) and left me with functional plumbing when he departed. No hot water yet. He moved the water heater and the electricians will reconnect that in its new location soon. But since today was only supposed to be a rough-in day, with actual hookups to come next week, I’m not going to complain! The entire process took just only 5-1/2 hours. And now I have a beeeeautiful clawfoot tub with a beeeeautiful faucet. AND the graywater that’s been emptying…


There is a god after all (plus random thoughts)

Sorry to disappoint my Christian friends who might hope I’ve had a conversion, but by that I mean only that God-the-Plumber has arrived. On the appointed day. At the appointed hour.

He is now (terrifyingly) drilling holes in my brand-new bathroom floor.

Since Handyman Mike wrapped up his part of the work on Friday, I’ve been hustling like crazy: drywalling, mudding, painting, moving shelving, the vanity, and plumbing parts into the room. No way am I finished, but by working late every evening, I got everything plumber-ready. Last night after finishing my to-do list I spent an extra two hours inspecting and asking myself, “What have I forgotten? What do I still need to discuss with the plumber and the electricians? What else is likely to go wrong?” I scribbled notes on the walls for the electricians (due tomorrow). I got up early today to fix a couple of things.

Now I can sit on my arse for a whole day. Well, other than helping to move the tub into place and starting to clean the living room, which is full of ladders, drywall squares, utility knives, levels, measuring tapes, and suchlike.

But now … to catch up with some overdue emails, blogging, TZP polls and whatever else I can think of.

One thing about drywalling and painting: they’re mindless enough to allow random thoughts. Here are a couple of those.


What would you do?

A reader emailed about this encounter: Just had a hair raising close call here. One of my neighbors has two very large German Shepherd dogs. He lets them run loose when he is with them and they never seemed to be a problem until today. I carried my 9mm carbine down to the fence along the road today because those two dogs were chasing one of the horses just across the road from me. He was kicking at the dogs, and darn near nailed one too. The dogs didn’t seem to be trying to bring the pony down, but they…


Sunday-Monday links

“Mommy, am I going to die?” Cop shoots four-year-old after he showed up to “help” her injured mother. Clearly all in a day’s work for this callous dude. Missed the family dog, though. Drone defense on a budget. “I want one,” says MJR, who sent the link. White House aide shoots at her cop boyfriend. Much has been made of the fact that this babe is a “special” assistant to Obama, but apparently in WH parlance, “special” is as in “rides the short bus.” Barfetta Barvetta Singletary. Don’t ever ask that woman out on a date. Per Shel in comments,…


Irwin Schiff dies in prison

Irwin Schiff, the father (or perhaps grandfather, as Forbes observes) of the modern tax-resistance movement has died in prison. His son Peter tried to get him a compassionate release, but the feds kept the poor old man in his cage. I had the privilege of meeting Irwin Schiff in the 1980s. It was my job to drive him around for a series of local appearances in the city where I lived then. He was a very nice man, an inspiration, and — whether you think his theories were right or wrong — a brave man of conviction.* *Tragically, that’s “conviction”…


Friday links

Oleg Volk observes that psychopathic bullies prefer to kick kittens rather than wolverines (and draws a lesson from this). And on a perhaps related note … We noted in a recent links section that a third state (Oregon; home of BHM) had started legal cannabis sales “and nobody cared.” Well, somebody did. Oregon’s first week of sales beat Colorado and Washington combined. We live in a world where “experts” say that executing a 12-year-old playing alone in a park with a toy gun is “reasonable.” The eight best war cries of all time. In somebody or another’s opinion. Hm. I…


Oy, so tired!

The Big Scary Project drags on. I’ve been Handyman Mike’s Official Minion the last two days and will probably be so until the end of the project. Exhausting! Mike worked all weekend and tells me he’s been working weekends for a month or so. It shows. He’s never been exactly a fast-moving kinda guy, but between that and his Perpetual Life Crisis, hours have been short, productivity hasn’t been good and “mistakes have been made.” A day off would be a blessing for him, but the only realistic way to achieve it is to hustle harder for the next three…