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Month: November 2016

Small post about small happenings

As I dumpster dive through the post office recycling box this election season, I note a curious thing. Although the glossy political flyers have been sliding in fast and thick, I haven’t seen a single one sent by a candidate him- or herself or by a “Committee to Elect …” a candidate. It’s all been from PACS. And nearly all against somebody, not for anybody. In many races, even big ones, there’s been not a single bit of mail. But oddly, in one state-house brawl that I’d have considered quite obscure, the flyers have been … well, flying. On many…


‘Bout those Amazon Native Ads

Remember those Amazon “Native Ads” we talked about last week? I ran the first of them today at the bottom of the interview for Lies of Omission. Take a look. Do you see it? If not, would you very kindly turn off your ad blocker for this site? (Instructions below.) For the month of November, Amazon is paying a 12% commission for purchases made through those ads. That’s huge; Amazon commissions usually range from 2% to 7.5%. The 12% applies only to the items listed in and purchased through the native ads. I believe it may also apply to items…


Lies of Omission

Recently I was interviewed for the documentary-to-be, Lies of Omission. There’s now an Indiegogo fundraiser with a three-minute teaser trailer. More footage will be shot and more interviews done if the filmmakers, T.L. Davis and his daughter Sammi Lee Davis, get the support they need from the pro-gun and freedom community. I recently talked with both T.L. and Sammi by email to find out how their project came to be and what their plans are for it. —– 1. What gave you the idea for “Lies of Omission”? TLD: Well, for me it was a frustration in watching lefty documentaries…