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Month: April 2017

Monday links

  • I am really, truly not sure why the National Security Aagency imagines that having tools to breach the international monetary system makes anybody (except the NSA and its Chosen Ones) “secure”). I’m really not sure how they imagined that maintaining such sloppy “security” that details of their exploits got into the hands of hackers makes anybody “secure.”
  • Will the last middle-class person in Seattle please turn out the lights?
  • Waco Wacko Backlash. Or what happens when you point out that the U.S. government didn’t hesitate to attack its own citizens with deadly gas. 3 Comments
  • Happy Easter

    It’s not a holiday I celebrate, myself. But for those who do, here’s the statement and response, “Crist is risen!”; “Indeed he is risen.” … in Quenyan (aka Tolkein’s Elvish) … (English text: Ortanne Laivino; Anwa ortanne Laivino; I’m not sure because I don’t speak Elvish, but I believe the Quenyan script version above may be only the “Christ is risen!” part of the exchange. No doubt a Tolkein purist will inform me if I’m wrong.) … and Klingon … yinqa’ HrIyStoS; yinqa’bej Although don’t you have just a bit of a hard time imagining Klingons saying any such thing?…


    Friday Freedom Question: Online security

    I get the general impression that most people, even here, do very little to protect their online security. When the subject comes up in links posts, there’s never much comment on it. I’m surprised at the number of readers who write me using Gmail or Yahoo addresses, knowing that all correspondence is scanned for advertising and data mining purposes. Other than people who are already inclined to be nerdy, few people seem to use VPNs, proxy services, or TOR for browsing. A core group of my correspondents encrypt their emails, but most … nope. At most, people may use an…


    Oh no

    I just saw this report that Will Grigg is dead. Heart attack. Age 54. Looking for further confirmation now. But the word comes from one of the outfits he wrote for. Grigg was a great champion of liberty and in particular a crusader against police and bureaucratic wrongdoing against individuals. His life and his family’s always seemed to be one of struggle, dire illness, and financial peril. What a sad ending for him and what a tragedy for his family.


    You want to see talent?

    You guys have made some very kind comments about my artwork. I’m grateful. I thrive with your support. And I wish you all as much good and as much support for your own creative spirits as you’ve given me and mine. But when it comes to talk of art talent, I take all praise with a large shaker of salt. Let me show you why. These are a few of the works of Bernie Fuchs — to my mind, the greatest illustrator of the twentieth century (a time that produced great illustration on a large scale). This was a man…


    Funny thing about expectations

    I never could draw. I took illustration classes for a while. Long, long time ago. Among students who hoped to become professional illustrators and other students who had no hope, I was in between. Some things I could do well. I always had a decent sense of color and design. But drawing? Meh. I’d observe the elegance of line, the flair, the ease, the confidence and powers of observation of the best students in the class and want to curl up in a little ball. Oddly, there was one type of sketching at which I excelled. In figure drawing class,…


    “The world will be saved by beauty”

    Ed. note: It appears that the blogosaurus I’ve been trying to work on is simply not going to come together. At least not any time before the heat death of the universe. Because the subject will not leave my mind and because I think I’m onto something even if I can’t express that something without coming across as a total moonbat, I’m going to dump its raw material (and its few completed bits) on you. Perhaps the standard Wise and Insightful Commentariat Discussion will bring the order and sense to it that I could not. Here goes: —– The link…


    Saturday links

  • You may have heard about the Garadget flap, in which a petulant CEO “bricked” a complaining customer’s app. The key line from this article: “… when a device gets connected to the internet—whether it’s a cellphone, a thermostat, or a tea kettle—it’s no longer yours.”
  • And given the way the ‘Net is going, this might be good news to some of you old hands and privacy buffs: a 1986 BBS is back online.
  • This real-life heist has the makings of a movie. Except that Cary Grant’s dead and Sean Connery’s too old. Maybe one of the Ryans — Reynolds or Gosling — could handle the role of the suave criminal mastermind. Great mystery carried out in a rarified intellectual world. 6 Comments