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Writer’s to-do list

1. Get RebelFire: Out of the Gray Zone into a Kindle edition.*

2. Get Hardyville Tales into a Kindle edition.*

3. Create a second edition of How to Kill the Job Culture Before It Kills You (currently out of print) for Kindle and print-on-demand.

4. Create a new edition of The Freedom Outlaws Handbook for Kindle and print-on-demand.

5. Write that new story in the RebelFire universe! For my Patreon subscribers only. (It’s in the works, folks, and I have the most clever co-conspirator helping with key developments.)

6. BIG, TOP SECRET COLLABORATIVE MYSTERY WRITING PROJECT. More later if it flies. I can’t make any promises, but so far it’s roaring down the runway.

So, if you’re wondering why I’m even slower than usual with emails, now you know.

Some of my books have been back in my hands for quite a while now. But I wasn’t motivated to do anything with them until Paladin announced it’s closing its doors. (And don’t forget Paladin’s 55% off closeout sale — NFI to me, except royalties on my own titles.)

Then the sudden realization that all rights to all my books were back in my hands (with one or two minor exceptions that can be worked around), and the knowledge that a small-press publisher friend was waiting in the wings … well, all that got me motivated.

And so did those Patreon people.

And so did the handful of great souls who’ve kept me going in this really incredible year.

And once motivated I found myself MOTIVATED.

My publisher friend now has files for several of the books. We haven’t signed any official paperwork yet, and until we do I’ll let him remain over there in the shadows. But he’ll be doing the work to format the books, get the new editions on Amazon, and handle basic marketing chores.

Will keep you posted as things develop. Right now, off to work on that RebelFire story …


* Buy RebelFire or Hardyville Tales new from Amazon seller Living Freedom (me) and I’ll autograph your book for you. Buy from any other seller and I dunno what you’ll get. Also, I have no plans for print-on-demand editions of either of these two books. That could change in the future, but I have enough dead-tree copies to meet present needs.


  1. SKSK
    SKSK October 25, 2017 2:43 pm

    WAHOOOO!!! Thank you, so much!!! I am grateful that you are thinking of “print on demand” copies for those of us who have ten thumbs on each hand when it comes to computers. Have you ever worked with Trineday for publication? I’m am so impressed with what they offer.

  2. Claire
    Claire October 25, 2017 2:53 pm

    LOL, SKSK, I do hear you. Although all my fingers work on the computer, I hate reading ebooks. Must. Have. Print.

    For those who do like ebooks, though, I can tell you that mine will be priced reasonably.

    I wasn’t aware of TrineDay and I’ve already got somebody offering me a really good per-book revenue split. But I looked ’em up and they’re … interesting. Very conspiratorial. Not really my thing.

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