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Midweek links

  • Where are the monkeywrenchers when we need them? At least one traffic camera in New Orleans (and probably more) is giving speeding tickets to parked cars. (H/T PT)
  • Decisions, decisions. When faced with a school shooter, which is the better defense weapon? A bucket of rocks or an itty-bitty miniature baseball bat? (H/T M)
  • Broward County school mavens “know” for sure that the best defense isn’t a gun. (Tip o’ hat to BD)
  • A few days of anti-inflammatory drugs after surgery may prevent breast cancer from spreading to other organs.
  • Shallow knowledge. I’m afraid it plagues a lot of us in this ‘Netly age, but it’s worse when shallow knowledge is being spouted by “experts.” (H/T LA)
  • Kudos and thanks for the book reviews to Joel and Yeoman Journal (for a mini review).


  1. larryarnold
    larryarnold April 11, 2018 8:38 pm

    In Texas the mini bat would be a “club,” and just as illegal as a firearm. From comments, the same is true in Pennsylvania. (I also remember that from the year I spent living there, back in the 1970s.)

    But look at the parents survey. “It was about 70 percent to 30 percent that people would favor (arming select staff with guns…)

    Wait, what? I thought everybody wanted gun control. That’s what the Newz says, right? And the “spontaneous” student mobs?

    And Pennsylvania is a Hillary State, right? But, 70 percent.

    And in Broward County, it isn’t guns they’re against, it’s private guns. They want more cops with guns. (Like the ones that didn’t do anything last time?)

  2. jc2k
    jc2k April 11, 2018 9:03 pm

  3. MamaLiberty
    MamaLiberty April 12, 2018 9:26 am

    The real answer to the school safety problem isn’t armed teachers, of course. Very few of them are even going to be willing to carry a gun, let alone jump through all the silly hoops to do so. The real answer is to get the children out of the disarmed victim zones. There are a good number of alternatives available. Any parents who want to keep their children safe will find one. Mass killers are a very rare danger to most “public school” children, but government indoctrination to produce socialist slaves happens every day.

  4. larryarnold
    larryarnold April 12, 2018 11:43 am

    Very few of them are even going to be willing to carry a gun, let alone jump through all the silly hoops to do so.

    You might be surprised, ML. What we hear in Texas, where 1 out of 7 districts have faculty carry, is that there are way more teachers willing to carry than there are school board trustees willing to trust them. Not a majority of teachers, but enough of a minority.

    Of course, this is Texas. Any district can write a policy and allow what they want. It’s certainly not the Florida law that requires an excessive amount of training.

    Which doesn’t solve the other problems with public schools.

  5. fred
    fred April 12, 2018 1:08 pm

    Traffic camera’s…we got them ‘for safety’ then after 2 years got rid of them because they werent making money.Liars.

    Cops as revenoo’ers,have no use for that BS.

  6. Jim Brook
    Jim Brook April 12, 2018 2:18 pm

    Fred, you used the word that I usually use for police – revenoo’ers. When I say it, I also think of the old Snuffy Smith comic strip.

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