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American Partisan: New blog on the block

American Partisan officially debuted this week.

It combines the talents and knowledge of bloggers J.C. Dodge, Concerned American (of WRSA), N.C. Scout, Kit Perez, and Jesse James.

So while it’s likely to be on the conservative side compared with Living Freedom, it should be rich in useful information.


I knew American Partisan was in development and even got a brief preview of it. Originally I thought it was intended as a discussion forum that would solve WRSA’s thorny comment-troll problem. It does have a very prominent and appropriately strict comment policy. But either I misunderstood its original purpose or it evolved beyond that. In any case, nice work, guys.


  1. Why
    Why May 2, 2018 1:21 pm

    I am digging it, and have referred a dozen or so others to it.

  2. Comrade X
    Comrade X May 2, 2018 1:30 pm

    I put it on my regular check list a few days ago.

    A good cross section of opinions and abilities can be found there.

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous May 3, 2018 10:36 am

    Bleah. Commented to show the predictions in didn’t match reality and it was censored. I conclude the site is just politics, ‘manufacturing consent’ for statism by suppressing commenters who point out the holes in their message. Think of it as the new National Review. Designed to lose freedom, functionally the controlled opposition. Just more Republicans.

  4. Claire
    Claire May 3, 2018 10:53 am

    Censored or went into moderation, Anonymous?

    I don’t know all the people associated with American Partisan, but those I do know are not into arbitrary censorship. Their comment policy is both explicit and easy to find; I doubt they’d reject a comment that fell within their guidelines.

    Also, given the reputations and level of expertise of those five bloggers, and the fact that they’re sharing their skills for free, the notion of them being just another Republican ‘zine is … odd. You sound like a person who’s very quick to judge.

  5. Kit Perez
    Kit Perez May 3, 2018 12:01 pm

    So Mr. Anonymous is mad that his insulting, puerile, poorly constructed excuse for an argument got deleted on a site he doesn’t pay for, by the people who DO pay for it, and so he’s come here to claim that everyone on the site is a bunch of Republicans being controlled opposition, even though he knows nothing about any of us and has obviously not figured out that we actually don’t agree on everything? And the entire site is worthless because we didn’t want to post his comment?


    For the record, next time you get a comment deleted, try emailing us about it instead of running off to other blogs to cry.

  6. Claire
    Claire May 3, 2018 2:51 pm

    Message to Mr. Anonymous: I was away from the computer for about an hour and I came back to find four copies of the same message from you, sent from different IP addresses, all awaiting action from me.

    You claimed in your repetitious message that slow moderation was censorship. So apparently, on top of everything else, we bloggers aren’t even allowed to go to lunch because taking an hour for ourselves violates your sacred rights.

    Tell you what, brave Mr. Anonymous with your no name and fake addies: go start your own blog. There will be no censorship there and as you make public posts we’ll all be able to compare the grandeur of your knowledge with the feebleness of all other opinions and abilities.

    Meantime, trying to push past moderation by using different IP addresses is the sure mark of a troll. I’m going to go take action on those repeated posts now. I’ll delete them. Go crawl back under your bridge, whoever you are.

  7. Concerned American
    Concerned American May 4, 2018 7:00 pm

    There is a separate project dealing with the WRSA forum/comments issue.

    As it ripens, it will be publicized.

    Not being coy – just recognizing in gratitude the work being done by the volunteer(s) who have both jobs and lives, along with their freedom work.

    Thanks for the plug for AmPart.

  8. John
    John May 6, 2018 10:10 pm

    I confess. I’m a spot curious about the context of the piece I cannot see.
    Then, I get that at a point, noise gets in way of message…

    I’m not in the loop of the stuff. So, I get to be quiet…

  9. bobbyboynyc
    bobbyboynyc March 31, 2019 11:36 am

    I did a quick search, by open source (GOOGLE), of the leaders in various patriot groups: Second Amendment, survivalism, defensive combat, etc. Typically, one was a woman who is publishing a small magazine and who has no visible means of support, a few others the same case. Some are former police, also working as correction officers, one has numerous drug convictions and several pending cases against him. These people are, coincidentally, leaders in Oath Keepers, teachers of Constitution, gun rights, and serious combat and survival, etc. They are all compromised, they are rats. They will follow orders from the shadow government, set people up as fall guys and patsies, cooperate with false flag and other black ops, help provide weakminded guys (like McVey) for serious terrorist operations. They are NOT good citizens, nor patriots, and should be outed at your next meetings or editorials. They also infiltrate UFO groups and serious Christian societies.

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