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Month: October 2018

A F*c*b**k privacy encounter

I picked up a prescription yesterday morning and paid with a card I’ve had for a long time. Except the bank just sent me the new version of it and it’s “contactless.” I’ve never had and don’t want a contactless card. Even if I did, half the terminals in my town, includin the one at the drug store, still can’t handle the previous tech update (those sloowwwww chips), let alone tap-and-go. But the bank has a different view of my needs. The card still works the old-fashioned way, too, of course. So there I was at the counter, unwrapping it…


Ouches and grouches

I walked into the eye doc’s office yesterday morning without an appointment and walked out with blessed relief. Or at least a prescription for blessed relief. As I’d begun to suspect, the doc said the little villain in my eye was gone, but it had left behind a sore spot. Anti-inflammatory eye drops should do the trick. At first they did. I expected them to take a couple of days for full effect, but surprisingly I felt better after the first dose. My eye felt better, anyhow. The rest of me felt “rode hard and put up wet” after too…


Monday-Tuesday links

  • A teenage girl uses a bow and arrow to save her little brother from a cougar. Naturally, the Internet hates her. (H/T LA)
  • Bryan Caplan’s convincing case against education. (Amazon link to Caplan’s book here)
  • Given the biased source (the NYT), I don’t know if this is accurate. If true, it’s barbaric. Undocumented immigrant kids are being rounded up in the middle of the night and transferred from private homes, shelters, and relatively normal lives to an isolated tent city in Texas. 6 Comments
  • Basics of Resistance Kindle sale

    The Kindle version of Basics of Resistance is on sale. Right now. Three days only: Today — $0.99 Tomorrow — $1.99 Wednesday — $2.99 Late Wednesday night it returns to its regular price of $3.99. Enjoy. Share. Learn. Subvert. (And thank you all for your wonderful reviews!)