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Month: October 2018

Monday links

  • Today the trial begins. A group of Asians is suing Harvard for racial discrimination in admissions. Some supporters of affirmative action have persuaded themselves that this is white supremacy in action.
  • Another powerful expose of drug war cruelty and corruption by Radley Balko.
  • Scott Greenfield takes down the notion that we need two new states. (Hey, if they get DC and Puerto Rico, we should get Jefferson, at the very least. There’s an official movement.) 6 Comments
  • Friday freedom question

    This week’s Friday Freedom Question is one we’ve visited before, but it’s always timely. I also figured I’d put it in poll form this time. Feel free to elaborate in comments. What’s your top preparedness priority right now? Find a place to relocate Improve food supplies Improve security and defense capabilities Improve first aid supplies/skills Practice with what my family and I already have Network with others/improve communications My priorities are already pretty well taken care of I’m just not focused on preparedness at all right now I have no idea; I’m overwhelmed Other Please Specify: Created with Poll Maker


    In the garden

    From yesterday: There’s something about watching a healthy young guy do sweaty, muscle-taxing “man’s work.” After he’d chopped up three designated planting areas for me. The Wandering Monk and I talked a while. We unfortunately agreed that much of the upcoming crop of young men — with their declining testosterone, estrogen-mimicking soy-and-plastic diets, and cultural castration — will be incapable of doing this sort of work. And that will be a loss both to them and to the women of their generation. To society, as well. Of course, my generation wasn’t fond of sweaty manual labor, either, and as a…


    Midweek links

  • Global warming will be responsible for …. a colossal mental health catastrophe. (Betcha thought they’d never be able to find a way to merge those two drummed-up modern crises.)
  • Google’s recent behavior shows a dark pattern for a company that once pledged not to be evil.
  • And here you thought a mere 1,000,000% inflation rate was bad. FEE sez Venezuela’s on track to hit 10,000,000% next year. 6 Comments
  • Fall bulbs, OMG

    Hundreds and hundreds of fall bulbs. I’m not a gardener. And landscaping (mostly consisting of gravel and native plants to replace the lawn) wasn’t supposed to begin until next year. Then Neighbor J. went to Costco and went crazy. Insanity must have been contagious because I ended up committing to buy about 1/3 of the billions and billions of mega-pack bulbs she purchased. I’m not ready for this. The dirt — which was going to be pickaxed, then artfully heaped next summer — isn’t ready for this. I’m going to be digging through grass with my itty-bitty little trowel to…


    Friday links

  • Remember those amazing glasses from They Live? They’re now in beta on Kickstarter. (Well, sorta. H/T MJR)
  • Dems introduce an Internet Bill of Rights. Some of it’s excellent, some not. Methods for achieving it are likely to be maximum dubious.
  • Bear Bussjaeger on Trump going ahead with the bump-stock ban, disregarding both physics and the will of those who know what they’re talking about and took the time to say so. 10 Comments
  • Midweek links

  • The tragedy (and travesty) of Rainbow Farm was buried by 9/11. We We should not forget it. (Long but excellent read via Metalgodz at Claire’s Cabal)
  • Facebook and Apple personify the new tech divide.
  • Yes, it’s yet another food/health study. But this one I’d heed. The evidence has been piling up for some time. Six common artificial sweeteners used in soft drinks and prepared foods are toxic to our gut bacteria. 14 Comments