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Month: October 2018

Yeah, sometimes you need to v*te

As Joel says, sometimes you need to v*te. Of course I know all the principled and practical arguments against v*ting. I’ve made many of those arguments myself. I admire Wendy McElroy, who famously wrote that she would not even have v*ted against Hitler. I don’t knock anybody who chooses to v*te — or who chooses not to. I’ve been on both sides and see both points of view. I was born to a v*te-worshipping mother, raised to politics, and gave it all up mostly out of futility after the one “victory” I took part in turned out to be the…


Tuesday links

I had two blogs I wanted to post today, but it’s been zip and zoom and zap since early morning. Commitments, appointments, distractions, demands. Then every time I think I have a moment to sit down, something interrupts. Now I’ve got half an hour before an appointment. Let’s see if I can sneak some links into that time, and come back later (cross fingers) for post two. Jeffrey A. Tucker on the epic battle to control our thoughts. Naturally, the CIA has an official Chief of Disguise. A former holder of that office made a short video about her craft.…



I hit the last garage sale of the season and … … Score! $2 each for five-gallon gas cans. Pre-repaired, besides. Take that, stupid EPA! The linked article by Jeffrey Tucker makes me laugh: The whole trend [toward unvented gas cans] began in (wait for it) California. Regulations began in 2000, with the idea of preventing spillage. The notion spread and was picked up by the EPA, which is always looking for new and innovative ways to spread as much human misery as possible. Of course regulations have been circumvented by polite Freedom Outlaws ever since. And those who don’t…


Those gorgeous waning days

Yesterday was the best of this extraordinary October. Temps in the low 70s, no wind, sunshine. It was also, I knew, the last of the great days, which made it very poignant as well as making me want to stay outside — a choice of which Ava heartily approved. We managed by running errands, taking extra walks, and then (because of construction traffic) a long detour into the country. —– This particular detour is a pretty as anything we’ve got around here. It runs along river and wetland, through tiny pocket neighborhoods, and past farms. Friendly and bucolic. It also…


Autographed copies of Basics of Resistance

Just in time for Christmas (well, according to the displays in stores), I have 20 copies of Basics of Resistance to sell. These will be autographed personally to the buyer or the buyer’s intended recipients (by me; co-author Kit didn’t sign these copies). They’re $17.50 apiece postpaid, which is just hair above Amazon’s retail price for the book and shipping, depending on where they’ve mysteriously set the price on any given day. These are the only copies I’m ever likely to have to sell. Amazon gives amazingly good terms on author’s copies, but they make up for it by taking…


Tuesday links

  • It’s only about 60 years overdue, but Congress is finally considering ending its absurd switchblade restrictions.
  • There’s been a lot of this going on, but this is big: Harvard calls for the retraction of dozens of papers by a cardiologist whose work is so groundbreaking that it influenced major medtech and startup businesses.
  • Who gives a rat’s patoot about Fauxcahontas’s DNA (which shows she may have some dim connection to Latin America)? Not her fellow Dems, who find it rather distracting three weeks before an election that’s making them increasingly nervous. 9 Comments