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Tuesday links

  • Charles Hugh Smith: What happens when your karma runs over your dogma
  • Why Bernie’s “billionaire’s wealth tax” would hurt the poor and middle class.
  • Len Savage: The ATF’s tactics are so bad, their own lawyer was creeped out.
  • Florida shows us what we can expect from red-flag laws. Kids as young as eight years are getting red flagged “to send a message.”
  • Last week’s best news was ex-cop Amber Guyger being convicted of murder. Then the media quickly changed the subject to the hug and forgiveness she received from her victim’s brother. In all the sentimentalizing, let’s not forget that the woman is a real piece of work who seemed to think the entire world was lucky she wasn’t killing people every day.
  • The whole Trump/Ukraine “scandal” is too trivial and silly to believe. But the Joe-and-Hunter Biden/Ukraine/China scandal (what, the media hasn’t informed you about that one?) is a lot more real and typical.
  • And the terrific Matt Taibi of Rolling Stone points out that the “whistleblower” … probably isn’t one. (If s/he were a real whistleblower, s/he’d be damned, not instantly believed and praised.)
  • Speaking of Bidenisms, Jacob Sullum asks, since old Joe plans to ban/register “assault weapons,” why won’t he define them?
  • Why does the IRS audit the poor as often as the rich? Because it’s cheaper and easier, naturally.
  • Looks as if F*c*b**k’s Libra cryptocurrency coalition may be coming apart before it ever really launches.
  • Elites against Western civilization.
  • Still in the experimental stages, but a quadraplegic man in France has walked with the aid of a brain-controlled exoskeleton.
  • The nation’s first cannabis restaurant opens. In L.A., of course.
  • Is the ninth planet actually a black hole?
  • Wanna buy a college? No? But what if it comes complete with its own castle and a TV production studio? (I suspect defunct colleges will increasingly be coming on the market in the next decade or so.)
  • How a canny Outlaw became a defender of an obscure, disputed island. (Take that, Canadians!)


  1. kentmcmanigal
    kentmcmanigal October 8, 2019 7:15 pm

    Interesting to me that cops expect to be praised for doing things decent people do naturally. Or, that anyone considers it praiseworthy when they do decent things regardless of why the cops do those things.

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