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Category: Books and Movies

Last weekend of the year

Got this yesterday. 🙂 The title is “111 Dogs and their Strange Stories.” In Italian. The book made its way here from Rome, and while the packaging barely survived (one more tiny tear and the book would have fallen from the envelope and disappeared forever into postal oblivion), the contents are pristine The reason I have it is because my St. Guinefort appears inside. I wrote about that last June The crop is unfortunate, but since each story is illustrated by a full-bleed photo or piece of art, it was the best they could do to be consistent. I can…


Checking in

… Because I feel guilty not blogging for two days in a row even though I announced “lite” blogging into next week and have been enjoying totally mundane days. I’ve finished hanging all the drywall in and around the new bedroom. Next I begin taping, mudding, and putting up metal corner bead, starting with the darkest corner of the closet. While I won’t enjoy working in the closet, I’ll be glad to have the biggest storage area of the house completed so I can quit tripping over art supplies, chop saws, and spare space heaters. (Well, I’ll still be tripping…


FREE James Bovard kindle book

FREE today and tomorrow, after that, $3.00: Jim Bovard’s new book Freedom Fauds: Hard Lessons in American Liberty. This is a collection of essays. Jim assures me he’s been told that “the first essay alone is worth the price of the book — as long as it’s free.” You be the judge. But Jim received even more enthusiastic accolades for a recent article at The Hill. His topic there: The FBI as America’s secret police. Praise from Hill readers included, “kook, lunatic, Russian agent, sick, delusional, shill” — and that was just for starters.


Thursday links

  • Shining a light on law enforcement use of facial recognition. Half of all Americans are now in facial-recognition databases and potentially in the resulting “virtual lineups” of criminal suspects.
  • And here I thought Pamela Anderson was just another blonde actress with big boobs. Nope. Also a smart lady with guts to hold her own against the disapproval of SJWs.
  • How black markets helped establish Spain as an an artisanal cheese-making powerhouse. 10 Comments
  • Good day and other ruminations

    I’m still basking in the glow of last week’s great gift, which enabled me to pay off last summer’s construction loan, budget money to insulate the attic and restore my propane service, do a little paying forward, and still put plenty aside. Yesterday another of my angels flew in and I immediately put his contribution to good use, also. In fact, three of Living Freedom’s biggest angels have been involved in all this. (And Patreon made its monthly payout, also put to good use, thank you.) Is there a word for a band of angels? Flock? Pride? Flight? Gratitude? A…


    Great literature has many uses

    Drywalling today. Ugh. Far from my favorite job, especially when I’m working alone. I’d have given anything to have help lifting that top piece into place and holding it flat while I screwed it down. But I know this is a job I can do on my own. I’ve done it before with bigger pieces than this on higher walls than this. I will not allow some silly bit of gypsum and paper to defeat me, even if it does seem to outweigh me today and even if I am feeling old, weak, and wimpy. First I dragged that bookshelf…


    Reality-checkers needed

    Kit Perez and I are writing a book. I didn’t think I’d ever write one again, but she’s an inspiration as well as a scary-efficient writing partner. We started just last month and are probably close to the halfway mark already. Topic: Resistance to tyranny. Specifically, practical forms of resistance freedomistas can do NOW, personal skills needed, warning signs to watch for, etc. Timeline: We hope to have it out in Kindle and publish-on-demand early next year What we need: A couple of intelligent readers who can review in-progress drafts and answer questions like: “Is this information useful?” “Are we…


    Okay, now that you’ve survived Thanksgiving …

    You’ve made it alllll the way to Black Friday. Which, despite much over-hype, is actually the best day of the year to buy a television. And is generally the best day of the year to buy one of Amazon’s electronic devices. In fact, Amazon is full of Black Friday Week deals you can buy via my links. And no doubt there’ll be more on Cyber Monday. If you’re interested in a nifty gift from a nationally respected company owned by freedomistas (NFI to me, but that’s fine), Hi Mountain Seasonings has supplies for creating your own homemade jerky, including a…


    New on Patreon

    Finally I’ve put up the second, and longer, RebelFire story fragment — just for you active patrons. At the same time, I opened the first fragment, the one I posted last month, for public viewing. (See the post labeled, naturally enough, “First RebelFire story fragment.”) So there’s something for all on my Patreon page. Read, comment, critique, and I hope enjoy. I had extraordinary help, particularly on the second fragment, and have today “uncloaked” my helper — who really deserves a co-author credit but declines to accept one. Not one of my Patreon subscribers? You can become one for as…