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Category: Free speech

Monday links

  • Sometimes conspiracy theories turn out to be true. Like the one that said Broward county cops were deliberately letting juveniles like the Parkland murderer off the hook.
  • The western world isn’t becoming less religious. The fanatics are still with us; they’ve just adopted a new belief called intersectionality. (And before that … state worship, of which intersectionality is just one of the craziest sects.)
  • The government killed free checking. Can Amazon restore it? 12 Comments
  • Friday links

  • Okay, you’ve heard by now that the resource officer on site at the Florida school shooting was being paid $75k a year (plus benefits!) to cower behind a pillar while students in his dubious care were murdered. But boy, he seems to have been a general freeloading sleaze even before that.
  • And he’s just the latest in a long and growing line of coward cops.
  • I haven’t been paying much attention to any Trump-administration scandals (all those imaginary Russians!). But this news on how Paul Manafort got tripped up by his inability to handle everyday tech is hilarious. When you’re faking it with millions of dollars you’d think you’d at least put a touch of effort into your deceptions. 13 Comments
  • Thursday links

  • When you want to know how many people are fleeing an area (in this case, San Francisco and Silicon Valley), check out the U-Haul rates.
  • With the help of creatively greedy lawyers, some California towns are criminalizing nuisance code violations — and trying to squeeze big bux out of people who don’t have the money.
  • Hey, knee-jerking bigots: Sessions is actually right about something for a change. The office of sheriff is from the Anglo-American legal tradition 15 Comments
  • Weekend links

  • Don’t even bother trying the “too irrational to be a terrorist” defense.
  • Seems this teacher never learned either the Bill of Rights, school district policy, or elementary human interaction during her education.
  • Who’s behind the Trump dossier that the FBI relied on? Oh, this gets so thick and deep I can’t even go there. But it does help explain why the left — which has always rightly distrusted the FBI — is suddenly in love with its historic nemesis. (H/T DBH) 14 Comments