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Category: Homeschooling, free families, and government child prisons

Tuesday links

It was gay pride time last weekend. Lots of parades and marches. It’s great that it’s now okay to be everything under the sun. So why, oh why, oh why is it now NOT okay to be gay and Jewish? Man, some people have sure gotten selective about their “inclusivity.” New York pastor is surprised to discover that a gun-rights activist is human. “School vs the Gateless Gate: Fixing the Damage.” A great reprint from L. Reichard White and The Price of Liberty. Franklin Foer says the Dems need to appeal to white, working-class voters if they want to win…


Doings at the Cabal

Cabalistas (or people who might want to be): For those who haven’t visited the Cabal in a while, our community is growing and we have a little something for everybody going on in current discussions. A sampling: We’ve got a thread on “things made with milk” (with the biggest thing being cheese, but plenty of related items, as well); there’s a discussion on the meaning of survival, both in terms of “survivalism” and in terms of life; and we’re extremely fortunate to be getting lessons in the art of statement analysis, a powerful technique for determining the truthfulness (or not)…


Monday links

  • Who’s the master and who’s the servant again? Texas school principle threatens to arrest parents who walk their kids to school or step foot on school grounds to pick up their kids. Apparently the local law enforcers are on her side. (More detail and parent reaction.) (H/T MtK)
  • Chortle. Larry Correia fisks another snotty HuffPo opinionator who thinks self-publishing is for dirty little losers.
  • The WaPo produces another hysterical fake news story (or at least a highly exaggerated news story). Hm. Guess that fake news stuff is really a problem after all. 8 Comments
  • A Sunday ramble

    Good riddance, Fidel So one of the world’s most long-surviving dictators has died, too late for his corpsification to do anybody any good. I was amazed by some of the glowing “official” responses to Fidel Castro’s belated kicking of the bucket, particularly the now-infamous proclamation by Canada’s latest infestation of Trudeau, Justin. I knew he was far left. But frankly, I didn’t believe you northern types when you said he was such a complete moron. Consider yourselves vindicated. Trudeau’s excuse-making for monsters has even spawned a blackly hilarious #TrudeauEulogies hastag on Twitter and Gab. Which even MacLeans noticed. Even the…


    Midweek links

  • Did anybody here think the MSM really meant all those editorials about how they were going to be more politically unbiased from now on? Here’s USA Today defining the entire alt-right movement as “espousing white nationalism.” And here’s Alan Dershowitz having to point out that Steve Bannon is no anti-Semite. I’m not fond of either the alt-right or Bannon. But get real, media. Get real. Your life depends on it.
  • And they ask — they seriously ask! — “Will America Now Have a Pravda?” No, you willfully blind jackasses: America has had a Pravda and an Izvestia for many years now. 20 Comments
  • Tuesday links

    Pretty amazing way for a 16-year-old to live. (H/T JB) OTOH, some people may just have too much time on their hands. And hatchets and beer in them. (H/T ML) Speaking of too much time and hands … did you know there’s a (not joking) world of rock-paper-scissors competition? (Tip o’ hat to jed) Looking for some good hard science fiction? (H/T MJR) Get businesses freaked out enough about “discriminating against the disabled” and they’ll fall for anything. 12 lessons to learn and hang onto forever. (Especially for business, but plenty have applications in the rest of the world, too.)…


    Monday links

    Meet Twitter’s new thought police. Incredible (but not surprising in this anti-free speech day) that a company that lives or dies on the quality of its public forum of ideas would do this. Your brain: it may work better in winter. Now my brain, on the other hand … Bernie-ites! You want socialism? Here’s socialism. “Media Matters Not.” The big “progressive watchdog” goes after the little old Zelman Partisans, distorting all the way. Bear Bussjaeger says thanks. Narcissism. And speaking of which: Hillary. (This is actually pretty funny.) The Robin Hood of science is pulling scientific papers from behind paywalls…