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Category: Religion

Tuesday links

Yes! We must ban guns. So that gangs of robbers will have to use alternatives. (H/T MJR) Obama cynically decries cynicism. ISIS judge says kill all the “defective” children. I guess Middle Eastern mommies and daddies should be glad it’s being done by “humane” methods rather than public beheadings or burning the infants alive in cages. Patrick Buchanan asks whether elites will blow up the GOP. He then proceeds to chronicle how the GOP has already been blown up. Interesting glimpse at history and (these days non) smoke-filled rooms, though. It’s always hard to tell a real crisis from one…


Sunday links

How to escape the culture of mass deception (via RLW in comments). Written from a conservative, not libertarian, perspective. But the basic point is good. Thailand investigates the U.S. ambassador for lèse-majesté — because he criticized lèse-majesté arrests. Never, but never, ever, did I think anybody would say this about marijuana. Never. Ugh. Big data to be the next trillion-dollar business? Oh, please … Socks. Containing urine. Circulated by walking. Generating electricity. Just because you’re inept and unprepared, buddy, doesn’t mean the rest of us are. (Still, the certification process sounds horribly inadequate if it was anything like he describes.)…


Thursday links

Jim Bovard on our fearmongering president. Charles C.W. Cooke does it again. Our right to bear arms is not up for debate. (Heck, even that elitist, statist pig Alexander Hamilton knew that.) Well. So much for all that oh-so-careful vetting. Surprise, surprise. Iran lies and Obama just nods like a bobblehead doll. Alas, the middle class is now a minority. The graph says it most vividly. You can feel the squeeze. LOL! Glenn Harlan Reynolds on Donald Trump as the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man. (Or to put it another way, when leaders are fiddling while nations burn you don’t get John…


After Paris

Brendan O’Neill of Spiked writes of Paris one week after. About the lack of passion:

It’s the feeling you’d expect to see following a natural disaster, when tragedy is inflicted on people by forces beyond our control, rather than after a conscious, bloody, moralistic attack, on the citizens of Paris and the values of France. The flower-laying, the books of condolence, the exhortations not to give ISIS our hate because that is what it wants… this has all been good and decent and moving. But where’s the fire? The anger? …


Thursday links

The barebones truth about life in the trackless woods. (H/T MJR) Well, that’s one reason to join ISIS. Larry Pratt: time to make it clear that we will not comply. Crybullies, crymobs, and the left’s whiny war on free speech. That last paragraph is a doozy. (Tip o’ hat to D.B.) Court rules for husband (and contract) in frozen embryos case. (Having a baby — or not having one — is a lot more complicated than it used to be.) The Che Cafe is in the red and fans want California taxpapers and university students to go on subsidizing it.…


Sunday links

I like Ross Douthat. In this day of screaming absolutes he always has a nuanced take on things. But even he says that the current campus crisis is something U.S. universities deserve. And if anybody had doubts about what a bunch of whiny brats those “oppressed” university students at Mizzou are, check out their reactions to the slaughter in Paris. Whaaaaaa-waaaaa, nobody’s paying attention to US! Will the little narcissists ever feel shame? Meanwhile at Yale the social justice pecksniffs protest a free-speech panel. Australia is going to try out a hip, cool, and groovy cloud-based virtual passport system. Think…



For the last few weeks I’ve been sitting on a couple of articles about Europe, Islam, and Western civilization, waiting for a moment to link them and talk about them. After Paris — again, Paris — this is as good a time as any for linking: ZeroHedge: “The Death of Europe.” National Review: “Is the West Slip, Slip, Slipping Away?” If Western civilization is dying, it’s slowly destroying itself from within. Murderous Islamists who won’t tolerate any views other than their own are merely the opportunistic barbarians at the gates. But there is no doubt that these savages, who come…


Tuesday links

Wow. Somebody thinks federal employees aren’t paid enough when compared with people in “similar private-sector jobs.” The article never explains what private-sector jobs are similar to … oh, career money confiscator, thug who tells businesspeople how to run their businesses, or professional killer of nursing mothers. Integrity. Doctors Without Borders refuses Pentagon money to rebuild Pentagon-bombed hospital. There is a war on Christians. It’s being conducted in the Middle East and to a lesser extent in the regulations of western governments. Not at or by Starbucks. F*c*b**k: Now testing a new form of creepy. Yes, it appears (certain) black people…


Thursday links

Don’t say I never post anything nice about cops. Seeking a job isn’t supposed to be a crime. So why should it make you a criminal suspect? Willie Nelson’s new pot brand gets private equity funding. 🙂 Speaking of cannabis … slowly, slowly even politicians are beginning to see the real effects of drug bans. Selfies: deadlier than sharks. Why are Muslims allowed to do what Christians are not? Ha ha. And Mark Zuckerberg thought $100 million would change the government school system in just one city. Oh well, he’s young. He might still learn. Another big “surprise.” Kids are…