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Category: Religion

Wednesday links

Continuing to entertain, amuse, and abuse, and demonstrating that airport “security” is brilliant the world over, British officials steal a toddler’s … um, fart blaster This is not a way to celebrate National Dog Day. But you could celebrate George Orwell’s birthday like so. A civil rights activist of the old days laments the rudeness and folly of Black Lives Matter. Jim Bovard is a thorn in the side of contentment. Strange. Within a span of 10 minutes, I ran across two articles — from very different perspectives! — noting how cruel and inhumane the U.S. prison system is considered…


Friday links

I really like this tiny house story (via Shel in comments). These folks aren’t trying to be trendy or green or holier-than-thou. They just know what it’s like to have been economically clobbered and don’t want to be vulnerable again. Cops kill an unarmed white kid and the world says ho hum. In Montana: another Oath Keepers operation to protect miners against fedgov intrusion. 😉 Kickstarter campaign raises billions to wall off the Bay Area during Burning Man. (Via A.G. in comments) Islamists hack to death a fourth non-theist blogger in Bangladesh. Boy, I’ll bet the fedgov wishes it could…


Tuesday links

Lenore Skenazy (once again) demands that kids — and their parents — be free to walk free. It’s fascinating just how many ways the $15/hour minimum wage is backfiring. J.D. Tuccille has yet another. (And it’s great to see his Disloyal Opposition blog back again!) Via Sipsey Street: It’s no surprise, but soooo gratifying that the number of guns being manufactured has doubled during the Obama regime. Yep, as I guessed yesterday, Chrysler is handling the hack-a-Jeep (or anything else we make) fix staggeringly poorly. Also yesterday I said that no writer had ever come up with a description of…


Tuesday links

People. Possessed by computers. We have seen the future and it is weird and icky. (H/T MJR) No more Mohammed cartoons, says Charlie Hebdo’s editor. The barbarians are inside the gates. A “lite” one from Bovard: “Cops and Donuts Don’t Mix.” A Silicon Valley billionaire revives the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. Six state governments grow a brain and arm their National Guard members following the Chattanooga jihad attacks. You will be shocked, I’m sure, to learn that the Bloombergians are against it. And hey, check out the “do not link” link! Great way to read an article on Bloomberg’s The…


Observations on cultural war and mob insanity

Our cultural cold war is about to boil into open conflict, thanks to last week’s Supreme Court decisions. Some of us think we’re ready, but we’re not.

I’m not saying we’re going to be shooting each other by next Tuesday or even next year. Just that the last remaining bridge between the old culture of America and the new culture of elite America got blown to smithereens. Last week was a point of no return with the Supreme Court’s Obamacare (“the Constitution is whatever we want it to be”) decision and gay marriage decision.


The perplexity of complexity

Kind of strange. This whole business with the unfixable vehicle has got me feeling absurdly vulnerable. Rationally, this makes no sense. Even with the car business coming on top of the broken ankle (and on top of $500 worth of car repairs in April), it doesn’t put me at any real risk. I’ve got neighbors who’ll pick up my mail or give me a lift to the post office. I’ve got friends who’ll get me to the grocery store. It’s not like I’m going to be stranded in a blizzard by the roadside and get eaten by passing Bengal tigers.…


Friday links

PayPal wants to have a little robo-chat with you. (H/T MJR) This one’s weird. Turns out there could be a correlation — no known causation, but an enormous correlation — between using painkillers and committing homicide. Even ordinary OTC products like ibuprofen (Gotta be some anomaly in that study. Gotta be.) Don’t let the Wookie win when the Wookie is brute superstition. Sacred Rage. “It would be foolish indeed for a government that has lost a string of wars in “backward” foreign lands to think, even with its military and police power and surveillance apparatus, that it could suppress an…


Monday links

Somebody over at has begun disappearing David Codrea’s columns on phony premises. Ironic considering David’s earlier censorship by the new JPFO. Really bad considering David gets paid by the page view for his Examiner work. Here, have a cigar. But only if you’re rich enough to qualify for the “crony exemption.” The corruption of DA’s offices. It just gets deeper and dirtier. (H/T S) So Ross Ulbricht thought he was better than the laws of this country. But then (as Neil Smith likes to point out) we’re all better than the the law. Sounds as if the judge sentenced…