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Category: Official thuggery, bad prosecutions, and bad law

Weekend links too

  • Wow. Last night’s White House Correspondents Dinner must have been the fiasco of fiascos. Even the NYT and CNN are decrying the nasty attacks comedian Michelle Wolf made against Trump (who wasn’t there) and Sarah Huckabee Sanders (who was).
  • The inimitable Scott Greenfield slams it to those regressive fools who are cutting their own (and civilization’s) throat by dismissing free speech as nothing but a right-wing dog whistle.
  • Two on Alfie Evans: where is Jimmy Kimmel’s voice now; and Britain’s new Berlin Wall. 27 Comments
  • Movie: Little Pink House

    There’s a new movie out. Little Pink House is the story of the heroic Susette Kelo, of eminent domain as a crony-corporate giveaway, and of the worst Supreme Court Decision since Dred Scott (or at least since the supremes decreed that growing food on your own property could be “interstate commerce”). Haven’t seen it yet and probably won’t until Netflix delivers it later this year. But it stars Catherine Keener (always a good sign) and it’s 85/96 on Any of you see it yet?


    Sunday-Monday links

  • Today in history: Pat Tillman died for his country’s propaganda machine.
  • Today in history, part II: The fedgov kindly rescued little Elian Gonzalez to return him to Cuba. Photo of the heartwarming moment below.
  • It’s also Earth Day. So marvel at the accuracy of 18 dire predictions made for the original ED. That is, you can marvel if you’re one of the lucky survivors who haven’t starved to death, died in the food riots, or succumbed to toxic waste in your food, air, or soil. 2 Comments
  • Savage, Stamboulieh, and Codrea on the ATF and bump stocks

    David Codrea, bless his always on-the-ball self, has taken a deep dive into ATF paperwork and surfaced again with hard questions for the infamous bureau and the Trump administration. The issue is bump stocks, the attempt to ban them — and more. David links to the original documents (FOIAed by wonder-attorney Stephen Stamboulieh) if you want to take that same dive. Note that the power of the names Savage and Stamboulieh (aided perhaps by a slight desire to dodge blame while throwing some other fedgov agency under a bus) pulled those 700+ pages of documents out of the ATF in…


    Midweek links

  • Where are the monkeywrenchers when we need them? At least one traffic camera in New Orleans (and probably more) is giving speeding tickets to parked cars. (H/T PT)
  • Decisions, decisions. When faced with a school shooter, which is the better defense weapon? A bucket of rocks or an itty-bitty miniature baseball bat? (H/T M)
  • Broward County school mavens “know” for sure that the best defense isn’t a gun. (Tip o’ hat to BD) 6 Comments
  • Robespierre’s Law

    When LarryA submitted this graphic to the meme contest (now ended at the Cabal, though intriguing memes are still coming in), I first assumed that Robespierre’s Law was already a thing. It’s certainly a truth known to freedomistas everywhere, though both “left” and “right” remain oblivious to it. But no. Robespierre’s Law may be a well-known yet eternally disregarded truth, but Larry seems to be the first to have named it and memed it. I hope he does more with this. —– About the infamous Maximilien Robespierre: His Wikipedia entry; Robespierre and the Terror. The funny thing is, even today…