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Power and hypocrisy

Via Rational Review News, here’s part IV of Devi Barker’s provocative series on authoritarian sociopathy. All four installments have been good, but this is both the best and the scariest. If the studies Barker cites tell the truth, then the truth is that most people who receive even a hint that they might be powerful a) demand higher standards for other people’s behavior and b) think they’re entitled to be given a pass on their own immoral or illegal acts. It apparently takes very little to put the average Jill or Joe into that mindset. (Likewise, it doesn’t take much…


Not within 1000 feet of the elite

You. Me. Our firearms. So “Mr. Homeland Security” proposes. Exemptions for The Only Ones, of course. Which goes along with this. Which at least has the virtue of containing the most unintentionally hilarious quote from a congressthing yet this year. ADDED: A freedomista agrees with the elite. Sez their proposals to protect their august selves from hoi palloi like us simply don’t go far enough. 🙂


Toowoomba flood

If you think the weather’s bad in your neighborhood, take a look at this footage from Toowoomba in eastern Australia, where (at latest count) 10 are dead and 78 missing after six inches of rain fell in half an hour. And that’s after weeks of earlier “slow-motion disaster” due to flooding.


Asking the right questions

Jason Richwine of the American Enterprise Institute asks all the wrong questions: Full-body scanners, invasive pat-downs, harsh carry-on restrictions—has the Transportation Security Administration gone too far? Critics and defenders of the TSA tend to talk past each other, so I propose a new approach to answering the question. Let us imagine there were a major airline that could opt out of all TSA regulations. Call it “Liberty Air.” Liberty Air openly advertises that it takes zero safety precautions when it comes to screening passengers and baggage. Would you fly on this airline? … To bolster the argument, imagine that Liberty…


What happens now

So what happens now? A politician got a bullet in the brain. A federal judge got dead. A wonderful little girl had her future blown away. Innocents dead and wounded all over the place. And as usual, bystanders did what needed doing. And never mind that the shooter was a well known loon with a long history of weird behavior. Even those elitists who have enough grace to admit that the young jerk’s politics were a devil’s brew of left, right, and total nonsense are sure the real cause is uncivil “right-wing” rhetoric.. Even the local sheriff, making the first…


The author and her ego

I must apologize. The creative juices are flowing about as fast as wet cement this week. Multitudes of distracting things going on. In addition to helping screen adopters for a litter of pups being fostered by another volunteer, I’ve acquired a foster puppy of my own (dumped in my neighborhood on a sub-freezing night and rescued by some alert children) and have been following her around all week with paper towels and a bottle of Nature’s Miracle. And today’s the day — tada! — that the kitchen finally gets a new floor. So the refrigerator’s in the living room, the…


Spam: An Appreciation

Too long has spam — despised, unwanted, and sometimes even cruelly outlawed spam — been relegated to the trash bins and baysian filters of our lives. Until recently I was, as you no doubt are, a person who loathed spam. Quite wrongly, I now realize, I dismissed it as mere junk without a single redeeming attribute. My daily trips into the WordPress spam filter of this blog were a dreaded chore. I would click to enter the spam zone, figuratively if not literally holding my nose against the assault of faux comments with their links to body part enhancers, fake…


Wednesday miscellany

Kewl. Freedomista cartoonist Scott Bieser has a new online graphic novel. His first solo effort. Even in this era of manipulative bill-naming, this pretty much takes the cake. I wish ’em well. But sheesh, grownups don’t need propaganda names like that. Former presidential aide murdered and dumped. Okay, it’s not likely to be another Vince Foster case. Still. It’s getting weirder and weirder. So Obama is for “change.” And he’s trying to project a more pro-business image (yeah, right). The answer? Well, according to a lot of high-level speculation that means putting another Chicago pol and banker in a top…