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Living Freedom Posts

Monday night miscellany

The Paladin book is going into final edit before going off to the publisher and a S.W.A.T. magazine deadline looms this week. So the brain is a bit crowded right now (and that’s without … well, other stuff going on that involves three driven-to-distraction dogs and an overwhelmed but surprisingly calm guest kitty; more on that later). But, with a little help from my friends, here’s a bit of blogitude: Via Sam (thank you): What happens when an American traveler calmly refuses to answer questions upon his reentry into the “homeland.” Bold blogger, that guy. Larken Rose, who last time…


Friday Fixin’s

Paul Bonneau tells philosophical libertarians they should “Become Dangerous.” Jim Bovard sez it’s time to get rid of the phony-baloney federal privacy board. I don’t have any advice for anybody, but I do have a question. I’ve found that, when it’s the right time for me to do something (make a decision, write an article, or whatever), suddenly that thing will come easy. In fact, a decision I’ve struggled with or an article I’ve been banging my head on or avoiding will abruptly just fling itself into my face, ready-made. But — even in small things — if the time…


Wobbling into Wednesday

I’m tired. I’m very, very, very, very tired. It’s been one month and two days since I set out to move cross-country, close on a house I’d never seen, and fix up said house while writing/assembling a book for Paladin Press with a deadline of just over one month. And suddenly, I’m beat. Not sure why it’s hitting now. Things are going great, actually. The book — The Bad Attitude Guide to Good Citizenship — is right on schedule. I’ll be sending the manuscript to Paladin by the end of this month and they say (wonder of wonders) they’ll have…


Making a start on community

Last week in the comments section, CS posted a good bit on community and the need for it in our uncertain future. He asked me for a response & I’ve been thinking on it. In fact, I think the subject is going to become the topic of a future article or articles. Meantime, I’ve touched on it in past blog posts and articles, including this one, which first appeared in the print edition of BHM. Just one additional observation at the moment. Obviously, community-building is hard for individualists (herding cats and all that). Well, really it’s hard for anybody. The…



According to a Rasmussen poll: “62% of Likely U.S. Voters believe that no matter how bad things are, Congress can always make them worse.” OMG, ain’t that the truth? And ain’t that an example of uncommon sense from the v*ters? And in the weird news of the day … faux “FBI agents” take the law into their own hands. And get arrested. Nice try, boys & girl. Nice try.


A good word for cops

Well, okay. A good word for one cop, anyhow. In one specific circumstance. One of the little towns near here recently had a holiday weekend “do,” that included a kiddie carnival, a parade, a barbecue, and suchlike — along with a series of prominent locals volunteering for their turn in a dunk tank. You know the thing I mean: throw a ball, hit a target, and into a cold tank of water falls the mayor or the town’s richest citizen. Well, my friend Leslie, who found me my house, has a son who’s a cop in that town. (Yes, I…


Non-news: Nobody shot my dogs

The dogs and I are getting to know the logging roads near my new house. Logging roads are familiar territory, even though these specific roads aren’t, and we have an established routine with them. If a road is gated but open to walk-ins, we never enter if somebody else’s vehicle is parked near the gate. If a road is open to vehicles, I cruise it in the truck to see if anyone else is around before settling on a place to walk. Don’t want to disturb any hunters or other dog walkers — and don’t want to disturb my own…


Books, books, books, not to mention actual reality

Okay, patient people. With some luck your patience might soon pay off and I’ll be back to regular blogging. Friday, I’m scheduled — for the second time — to get Internet at home. That’s the good news. The bad news is … it’s via Comcast. And opinions on Comcast (oh, thank you, G.W.F.) are so very cheery. However, Comcast was my only alternative. So there it is. If all comes together as hoped, you should see more of me after Monday. And here’s more in the patience-will-be-rewarded category: By October, I should have two new books out! One you know…