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Living Freedom Posts

How bad is it really, there in the Gulf?

If this is true, I really feel for all you folks who live in the Gulf states or along the South Atlantic coast. (Some NSFW language behind that link.) Heck, every person with a heart already feels for you — and for the critters that dwell in the Gulf. Hoping it’s not really as much worse as the latest allegations imply. But satellite photos and other evidence from the last few days have been ominous. Good luck to us all. (And be glad you’ve got some preps to get you through hard times.)


Monday miscellany

Housing. It’s double-dipping. Anybody here surprised? “Tax Hikes and the 2011 Economic Collapse.” Arthur Laffer says the illusory recovery of 2010 will go blooey on January 1. Bounty hunter offers Colton Harris-Moore $50,000 to surrender. Don’t fall for it, Colt. The secret wars expand. “Special Operations commanders have also become a far more regular presence at the White House than they were under George W. Bush’s administration … ‘We have a lot more access,’ a second military official said. ‘They are talking publicly much less but they are acting more. They are willing to get aggressive much more quickly.’” Forget…


So, what exactly is a Freedom Outlaw?

“Freedom Outlaw.” The term came up here a few days ago. It’ll arise again and again on this blog. If you’ve been hanging out in my vicinity for a few years, you probably know what I mean by it. If not, you might be puzzled or even offended by the notion that people who believe in freedom are (or should be) criminals. Thought I’d stop this morning and define some terms. So this is mostly for people who haven’t heard it all before. A Freedom Outlaw is (loosely) somebody who cares so much about freedom that he or she will…


Thursday miscellany

So. You think government’s a joke? In Iceland, they know it is. “Two lessons from a rogue ex-cop.” Love that Barry Cooper. “A casino run by the banks, for the banks.” Well said. Darned well said. But there are billions of billions of reasons to be cheerful, anyhow. Or 85 of them. I think this op-ed says it all about Monday’s disaster at sea. Via Jim Bovard: Right to the end, I was about to say that this New Yorker article on Julian Assange and his heroic WikiLeaks was brilliant. It’s an intimate portrait of a secretive man, his world,…


Stock photo site; ugguly pugguly

Found this picture on a rather cool stock photo site. The photos at Stock.XCHNG are free for most uses (with a very few money-making exceptions) and despite the suspiciously flaky URL (.hu?), the site is owned by reliable old Getty Images. The catch is that they’re amateur photos uploaded by people simply giving their work to the world. That’s cool. But it also means that if you search on “dog” or “cat” you’ll get 50 pages of mostly undistinguished snapshots (albeit in glorious high-resolution) of people’s pets sleeping, grinning, or gazing soulfully up at the camera. Still, sometimes the old…


Encounter with an outlaw

Got this note last night from my beloved former veterinarian up in the Pacific Northwest: I thought this may make you smile. I had a visit … from an outlaw last night. Someone left a note attached to a $100.00 bill shoved in the front door of the clinic. The note said, “I had some extra cash while passing through, please use it to care for an animal in need.” It was signed “Colton Harris-Moore AKA the barefoot bandit.” [My receptionist] found it and was busy trying to figure out which client left it when I came in. After reading…


Monday miscellany

I know this is last week’s news and it’s already gotten a fair bit of circulation. But I think it’s worth a second read. Or a third: “Warning: Crash dead ahead. Sell. Get liquid. Now.” Paul B. Ferrell. I know that much doom-gloom needs to be taken with a healthy sprinkling of salt. But you do gotta wonder when we’re finally going to teeter over this brink we’ve been wobbling on. “The part of me the Watchers couldn’t see.” Encouraging. And apropos of nothing except a coincidence of wording (and some evils of government), I’m currently re-reading one of my…


Friday follies

Total follies: How wonderful! The federal government is going to pay for Medicaid expansion so we won’t have to. Seriously. If allegedly astute commentators spew stuff like that, it’s no wonder that 24 percent of Americans believe the fedgov has its own money supply, completely independent of taxpayers. (And we’re not talking about the famous printing press here.) And hey, while we’re still partying along on other people’s money, how about lifetime mortgages in which the principal is never paid? In the old days, I do believe we’d have called that “rent.” But Aussies are apparently up for it. And…


BOHICA: Consumer “protection”

Okay, we all knew the Wall Street regulatory bill wasn’t really going to regulate Wall Street. And we could be sure that the new “consumer protection” bureaucracy the bill proposes wasn’t going to protect consumers, right? But there was still a shoe that hadn’t dropped. We hadn’t yet heard about the inevitable something in the bill, the teeny, tiny little let’s-not-mention-this provision that would turn out to be the real purpose of the upcoming new law. The shoe has struck. Via, here it is: The bill, if it becomes law, would create the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection and…


Karl Hess

P.T. reminded me that today is the birthday of the late, great (and sometimes rather quirky) Karl Hess. She pointed me toward his 1969 Playboy article, “The Death of Politics.” Yeah, bits of it are dated now. But even those parts give an interesting look at the way politics and government never fundamentally change, even as the world shifts around them. If I have one hero in the ranks of libertarians and market anarchists, it’s Hess. Whatever else the man did, he seriously tried to live by his principles and implement them in the real world.