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Month: November 2012

Arrfy Thanksgiving (redux)

Lest anyone think that last year’s Thanksgiving picture of dogs faithfully (if not patiently) awaiting their share of the people food was a fluke, here they are again today: Of course, any impression that I have amazingly well-behaved dogs is a misapprehension. They just happen to be really good at a couple of things. “Good dogs! Now … okay!” “Green beans?” says Nadja. “Green beans??? Ewwwww!” But they ate everything (ham first) and licked their plates clean.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you’re all having just the kind of day you’d most like to have. I’m thankful for everyone who visits here regularly, especially you who bring experience, wit, wisdom, and a touch of class to the joint. (You know who you are.) Now, for your holiday pleasure, the concluding scenes from WKRP in Cincinnati’s infamous “Turkeys Away” episode: (H/T Radley Balko for the reminder) And, since I couldn’t find any good videos of dogs eating their Thanksgiving dinners, here are some cats. Some really serious cats. Enjoying eating turkey. (Sorry this one has a short commercial with…


New! Improved! Holiday package stickers!

Yesterday I linked to Jester Jones, who has updated his page of free, downloadable freedomista stickers. I suggested (ahem) that they might be a good change from Santa and snowman stickers for holiday mailings. Well, Carl-Bear Bussjaeger did me one better. Here are his free stickers, especially designed to go on your Christmas mailings. And he tells me the phone number is real. Copy, print, and apply to packages — to the delight, or perhaps the abject cowering fear — of friends and family. As always in this scary day, use (or not) at your own risk. For informational purposes…

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Jester Jones — holiday brightener?

Tired of putting the usual Santa and snowman stickers on your holiday packages? This year, try something a little different. Print out stickers from Jester Jones to brighten all your holiday mailings and gifts. 🙂 Dozens of stickers “celebrating” the IRS, FBI, ATF, police brutality, and of course the ever-present Homeland (Achtung!) Security State. Free for downloading. Some are oldies (you can tell by how good Hillary Clinton looks on her sticker); but Jester let me know he’s also done some recent updating.


A thank you from the Sandy Zone

Reader “just waiting” writes once again from the heart of Superstorm Sandy’s destruction — this time to say thanks for the help you gave the other day and to report on how government is “helping” the situation. His own home is inland and was spared, but his parents live on one of the hard-hit barrier islands. —– “just waiting” writes: I want to send my heartfelt thanks to the members of the Commentariat for their good thoughts and sage advice in this difficult situation. My parents home of 40+ years was in the path of Sandy, and suffered some pretty…

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One more wish …

If I could make one more Christmas wish, it would be that when you buy from my Amazon wish list, you add a note to identify yourself and (even better) give me a way to contact you. Wonderful gifts have begun arriving, but some senders aren’t outing themselves. Or I have a name but no contact info. So to all I’ve been able to thank personally and all I may never know … For the two-disc set of Hunger Games DVDs … thank you, Mr. or Ms Anonymous. (I watched the movie the other day and it was even better…

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Of apples and storms

We had a whomp of a storm blow through here yesterday. Oh, no Sandy or Katrina. Not even a Great Gale of Ought Seven. But a pretty good sample of winter weather. Real estate signs and garbage cans cartwheeled through the streets. The smaller rivers all overflowed, leaving farmhouses sitting on grassy islands. Lots of limbs went flying. And two big pieces of sheet metal blew off my neighbor’s wood pile and into my yard while I was gathering the last of the apples, which the winds had kindly harvested for me. Those airborne guillotine blades didn’t even come close…


Tuesday links

Over at The Price of Liberty, Mama Liberty has the first passages of what looks to become a new novel. And it all started with the comment section here at Living Freedom. So. Where’s the real “war on women”? This one could actually be killing some — and all in the name of progress and humanity. (H/T O) “How to send anonymous email without getting caught.” (Thanks to JG for the best article yet on this month’s hot privacy topic.) Alleged “private” enterprise is once again poised to help the fedgov become more obtrusive. Cannabis reform marches on. Whatever Mordor…


What to do ’til the EMTs arrive (and what to expect when they do)

This is another guest post from Will Kone (BusyPoorDad), who works as a paramedic and emergency manager. I couldn’t decide whether it was part of the Preparedness Priorities series or not, so I’m running it as a standalone. I know many people are preparing for the day when the EMTs and the ambulance won’t arrive. But until then, it may help to understand their methods and how best to either assist them or keep from hindering them. As usual, I expect Will will be on hand to talk further about this in the comment section. —– You used your kit.…


Monday links

Too bad granite slabs don’t include a spellchecker “Epitaph for a Four Star.” A scathing retrospective on Petraeus from a military man. (H/T EN, who knows the author) Um … lessee if I understand this correctly. You can’t quit favoring women and minorities because it violates the equal protection clause??? The Seattle PD has done a lot of baaaad things. But once in a while they get it right. They just hired a former journalist from an alternative weekly to write a handbook to cannabis legalization. It’s called “Marijwhatnow?” Among other advice: “Hold your breath.” This fascinating story about linguists…